“It’s a man’s schedule.”

Good to see that Gus has already got the excuse machine“Once again, I feel like we have the toughest schedule in college football” — cued up.

By the way, not returning to Atlanta would be a different result, amirite?


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  1. atlasshrugged55

    Is Gus Bus serious? They have four away games & a schedule that includes Alabama State, So Miss & Liberty. They don’t play an away game until Oct 6th.



  2. William Abbott

    Hate to agree but it probably is. Wash (in Atl), @ UGA & @ Ala are 3 games against possible preseason top 5 teams at least top 10. LSU, @ Miss St & TAM could be 3 more against top 25 teams.


  3. Otto

    Washington is a playoff contender and as tough as any SEC out of conference game outside of SCU and A&M playing Clemson. They also go to Bama and UGA.

    Who in the SEC has a tougher schedule? It certainly isn’t UGA. SCU draws A&M and Ole Miss from the West.

    Gus has a solid argument for toughest SEC schedule.


    • FWIW, ESPN’s FPI ranks Auburn’s SOS 30th, and 4th in the SEC.


      • Otto

        I am not buying LSU being #3 and that far ahead of the other SEC schedules.

        Yes in the computer FPI calc there is a difference between Ark. State and Alabama St but on gameday they’ll both get crushed.

        You can argue which cupcake has more icing and sprinkles but Clemson and Washington are at this point the 2 toughest programs facing SEC schools.


          • Otto

            Interesting the changes, Steele has Auburn as #4 in the country which I am not sure I agree with.

            I also disagree with UGA’s schedule being tougher than Tennessee’s. WVU should be stronger than GT and they play Auburn and Bama. Again a cupcake is a cupcake, the only thing that should change is how soon and how deep down the depth chart the coach can go.

            Whatever the case, props to Aubie for playing Washington. I have posted many times in the past I want to see the SEC schedule remain the same and for SEC school schedule 2 P5 or P5 level (BCS crashers) level programs.


    • Texas Dawg

      Is SCU the dyslexic alter ego of USC(e)?


  4. watcher16

    “…becoming the first college football team to lose two games in Mercedes-Benz Stadium.”

    Makes me smile they go in the history books this way 🙂



    I hope the Huskies get after’em..

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