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“They’re going to die on that hill.”

Two things about David Wunderlich’s piece on every Dawg fan’s favorite meteor game…

First off, “best shot” is Georgia’s meme, damn it.

Second, and seriously, I think David’s premise is spot on.  It’s something I’ve thought about as well.  Let’s face it, even if you think Jeremy Pruitt’s a stone football genius, the roster he’s inherited is the weakest group he’s had to work with since he left the high school ranks.  It’s going to be a good year in Knoxville if the Vols wind up bowl eligible.

UT isn’t winning the division, let alone the conference.  Alabama, Auburn and Georgia are likely to win comfortably.  The opener against West Virginia is going to be a real challenge, to put it mildly.  Beating the Kentuckys and the Vandys on the schedule would merely be a return to normalcy, more a cause for relief than celebration.

That leaves beating the Gators as the most likely opportunity to make a mark.  The game’s in Knoxville.  Florida is coming off a year almost as disappointing as Tennessee’s was.  UF is in a coaching transition, too.  If there’s a legitimate shot to give the fan base a dose of excitement for the program’s future, this is it.

I do think this is the game where Pruitt has his team totally sell out physically and emotionally.  Will that be enough to win?  I can’t say.  Will there be anything left in the tank the next week when Tennessee travels to Athens?  I hope not.



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Roller coaster ride on the Plains

That pundit who said this might be Auburn’s year meant to say that it might not be Auburn’s year.

I remember the days not too long ago when some of the gloomier commenters here used to see Auburn’s ups and downs as a superior ride to the steadier course Georgia had under Richt.  Good times, eh?

And when I say downs, this is what I’m referring to.

Can you call it a throwaway year when you’re not trying to throw the year away?


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When your decided schematic advantage deserts you

This is an incredible statistic.

Thirty-eight?  There were post-death penalty rosters healthier than that.

The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing gullible athletic directors that Charlie Weis had a clue about being a successful head coach.


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