Locker room talk


The most repeated complaint about visiting locker rooms across the board is that they’re too small. But space isn’t the only issue.

“There’s a lot of ones that don’t have soap or hot water,” Kentucky linebacker Josh Allensaid.

That’s not a problem at South Carolina.

“They have no showers,” said Kentucky tight end C.J. Conrad.

Is this what some of y’all mean when you claim Florida has a home field advantage in Jacksonville?



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17 responses to “Locker room talk

  1. Doug

    No showers for visiting teams at Williams-Brice? At all? That’s beyond disgusting. Of course, Coach Boom would probably call me a pussy for saying that.

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    • HiAltDawg

      What will he call me when I say “un-showered kentucky football players are a step up from the general level of hygiene at so car”?

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  2. 202dawg

    Columbia, SC is the biggest dump of a state capital I’ve ever seen. This just reinforces that fact.

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  3. What other amenity denials are there in that stadium? No toilets, no windows for the smell to escape, no oxygen. I just can smell it, haha. WOW.


  4. Down island way

    Having no showers/hot water does not give you the right to go out there and stink the place up……..beat ’em by 40, go back to the hotel and enjoy. it is those new home field locker rooms that’s spoiling our student athletes of today……..


  5. waterloodawg

    It’s psychological warfare. Don’t look forward to any part of playing in our house. Showers are part of basic sanitation though. They don’t have to be hot though and you can bring your own damn soap. And you get one outlet on your side for the training table. Don’t flip the breaker. There’s a spigot in the hedges down at the ten yard line if you need water. The handle is broke so you may want to bring a pair of pliers. And you messed the turf up on the visitor sideline the last time you were here so we paved it. We did install new mega speakers on your side though. Hope you like them.


  6. Cojones

    Yeah, but that communal 5-gal bucket had to be… … – and the O linemen had to stand over it and aim with a mirror ’cause, if they sat down… …


  7. bulldogbry

    In the early 90’s, my boss traveled from Atlanta to Greenville frequently. He joked that the SC state motto was “No facilities” since that was on every rest stop sign.

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  8. Greg

    I’m sure they have showers. Every high school I’ve been to have them, college also. Can’t imagine any not having it. Sounds like the dude is embellishing.


  9. The Dawg abides

    Hayden Fry famously had the visiting locker room at Iowa painted entirely in pink. He had a psychology degree and had studied that pink had a relaxing effect on prisoners, so he thought it would work on football players.


  10. Sides

    That means gtfo


  11. junkyardawg41

    You would think some smart person would actually take the locker room to the other side of spartan. I am thinking something along the lines of a day spa. Tranquil music, massage chairs, anything and everything to take a visiting players mind off of the upcoming game….


  12. BWD

    Assuming this is true, which I find hard to believe, does the league not have some minimum requirements for visiting team facilities? Seems like teams would abuse it if not.


  13. Dawg19

    Well, SOD is not going to like this when Missouri visits.

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