The gift that just keeps on giving

Less than two weeks later, it’s already obvious this will never get old.

UGA’s staff knows that the talent margin is closing, that we are no longer a team with a couple of nice pieces – that we are getting deep. Sandridge was a cannon shot. A championship playoff run, at a position of need, and we still get the commitment – regardless of what is being written about currently (and make no mistake, it isn’t a coincidence).

It has been a long time since we’ve been this deep. On the staff and on the roster. It’s the middle of July and we are all in the same range of commitments and we are ahead of them. Pressure is all on them.

How’s that whole cannon shot-y thing working out, fella?  Smashingly!

Travon Walker made his college commitment from a small gathering at the Fine Arts Center at Upson-Lee High School on Tuesday night.

His decision came down to Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Georgia and South Carolina. The 5-star DT prospect chose UGA…

They’re singing a new song over at The Big Spur message board.

Sucks that georgia landed him but great to see our hat on the table for a 5 star DT out of Georgia.

You can win a lot of games with hats.  Meanwhile, with three fewer recruits, Georgia sits twelve spots ahead of the ‘Cocks in this morning’s 247Sports recruiting rankings.


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22 responses to “The gift that just keeps on giving

  1. mwo

    If someone could sync up sandstorm to the cannon video that would be perfect.

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  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    As a Dawg with a daughter enrolled at SCar. I can objectively say: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Isn’t that mature of me.


  3. That cannon shot is Boom’s head exploding as he sees the talent gulf between the programs.


  4. Brandon

    Sandridge was a Sakerlina legacy also, it was not at all surprising he went there.


  5. 3rdandGrantham

    Thank you thank you thank you. I know you’re not big into recruiting, so I’m glad that some of the yapping from SCU fans has been a recent motivator for you. By the way, speaking of ‘canon shot’ Sandidge, he tried to commit to UGA on signing day but we were full, and we would have had to turn away Bush at the last minute, but instead we took the talented WR from Texas over him.

    For months SCU fans refused to consider this and screamed jealousy and liar anytime it was brought up….that is until one of the writers on their 247 site confirmed as such a few weeks back, to the tune of crickets. So basically that SCU fan with the infamous quote is bragging that they will be using recruits we turned down to trump us in the talent race in the years ahead. Got it.

    To give you an idea how screwed the rest of the SEC is to come, in 2019, UGA will field a roster with anywhere between 17-19 five star athletes. UF – zero. UT – 1. SCU – zero.

    Canon shot indeed.


  6. The Truth

    If we get the shot (which we most certainly should) to beat the ever-loving chicken shit out of this crowd this year and don’t, then we deserve multiple heapings of scorn. I mean, we need to put a Warden Hazen on them: get way up then inflict as much painful damage as possible. It’s about time for the folks on the east side of the Savannah River to STFU.


    • JCDAWG83

      They will never shut up. We could beat them 100-0, score on every possession, have multiple pick sixes and fumbles returned for touchdowns and they would claim a moral victory because their punting average was better than ours. There is no more delusional fan base in college football.

      I always paraphrase Churchill when describing the chicken fan base, “never have so many been so proud of so little”.


    • Comin' Down The Track

      To the chickens who think we’re their rivals, might I submit an SEC East rivalry for them to foster that’s a little more in line with, ummm… reality.


  7. Spike

    “..our hat was on the table..”? That’s all they got? That’s so South Carolina.. Spurs Up Boom!

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  8. DawgPhan

    What UGA is doing with the top end guys is really amazing.


  9. Yurdle

    I also noticed that Wake is currently one spot ahead of Florida in those 247 rankings. Keep on closing that gap, guys. You’re almost there.


  10. RandallPinkFloyd

    This game isn’t sandwiches between Florida and Auburn this year. Instead, it’s our first big game, our first SEC game, our first game to make a statement. Let’s hope we make one and beat that ass this year in that sauna of a stadium in industrial park Columbia, SC.


  11. Cojones

    Yeah, but is Sides getting this info? Would yall please tell him to keep up with the news because my communications have a sentence he doesn’t get; he won’t even entertain sarcasm as part of an answer. It’s “OK” Sides. I know you are a powerful alum and you want to be a part of the Dawg base, so sidle up next to anyone and just use my name negatively and that will get you in.

    Btw, those 5* players won’t necessarily work out that way on the field, but you would think that at least 12-15 of them will and that’s not a good thang for you.


  12. Go Dawgs!

    Has it seriously not occurred to those mouth breathers that the reason their hat was on the table might be because it was in the discount bin and kid needed something to throw on the table?


  13. Carolina fans are similar to Yellow Jacket fans; just with a lower I.Q. I read the same thread last night. Brought a smile to my face. But if you want to laugh out loud. Head on over to the Gator 247 site and go to their board. Find the thread titled something along the lines of Dawgs grab another 5 Star.. And just start reading… Last I saw, their recruiting class was sitting at 34.


    • JCDAWG83

      The difference is; tech fans can actually talk about their program actually winning some championships over the years.


    • SSB Charley

      OK, I did that, and it was…satisfying. I particularly loved how they had to go back six classes to find as many five stars that had committed to their program as we do in this one. And they haven’t had a five star commit in three years now. Whoa.


  14. Bruce Fortner

    Great! Also, isn’t the guy named ‘Sandidge’ (no R)? At least he could have gotten that right…