When you have a “big need on the team”

I’m sorry, I know how the game is played, but I still can’t help being amused by the staff’s diligence in getting Demetris Robertson eligible to contribute this season in light of Kirby’s hand wringing over player transfers.

Such coaches as Georgia’s Kirby Smart and Florida’s Dan Mullen worry the new rules could move the league closer to free agency if more freedoms to players are granted. They cringe at the idea players could be eventually empowered to seek transfers as soon as they drop on the depth chart or are asked to run extra laps.

“I’ve expressed my belief in a guy who graduates from college being able to go where he wants to go,” Smart said Tuesday at SEC Media Days. “I feel very strongly about that, but when you start talking about every year … I’ve got to be honest with you, it’s hard.”

Makes you wonder if he’s reflected on Robertson’s nature the way he did Stetson Bennett’s.


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  1. Trbodawg

    Two completely different situations, Senator. Robertson is coming TO us, Bennett was LEAVING us. . .

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    • Otto

      I do get not wanting a kid to transfer to a rival.

      However, I do think the kid should be free to move to any school if he was not on scholarship or has graduated.

      Roberts hardship waver is an interesting call. I have no problem with the NCAA having kids sit a year when transferring as an undergrad who is on scholarship. If a kid does have an illness in the family or some other hardship which pushed him to transfer closer to home, the NCAA should be able to wave the year. Roberts did not do himself any favors in listing WVU and Texas in his top 4.

      Even if he sits a year 2019 is looking loaded. 2018 is looking good but has some key turnover, 2019 should be veteran loaded. Swift, Zeus, Fromm, Fields and Roberts on the field in ’19 with a loaded veteran OL.


    • @trbodawg: Nailed it.


  2. Otto

    To tag on to the Smart discussion in the Legge Part2 article. This is what Smart is doing well attempting to dot every i and cross every t. Full scholarship count, attempting to have a balanced roster, arrests are down, and players are focused. Luck favors the prepared (and focused).


  3. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Can’t fuss with CKS too much. Besides it being a different situation from Stetson, if you are going to take Robertson, give him financial aid, you need to go ahead and get him eligible if you can. You wouldn’t pay for a fancy sports car, park it your garage, but not get it registered and tagged.

    I also think Kirby is more practical than anything else when it comes to a rule change of any kind. There is what he wants and what he has to figure out how to deal with, and those two aren’t always the same. It’s not unlike something the Senator said about Saban – he may have his druthers, but he’s not going to pay more taxes just because.


  4. Brandon

    I disagree with a lot of the Supreme Court’s search and seizure jurisprudence personally, that doesn’t mean I won’t argue a case that helps my client just because personally I don’t like it. This is the same. He’s playing the game as it’s currently set up, it doesn’t mean he has to like it.


  5. Former Fan

    It reminds me of what you posted the other day about someone that pays only what they owe in taxes, but are willing to pay more IF the law is changed. Seems to me if people think taxes should be raised, just pay more out of your own pocket while campaigning for it. Ditto with the coaches. But hey, we live in a world that doesn’t work like that, and I understand why the coaches do what they do and why people only pay what they owe in taxes. Till the rules make them do differently, people will always do what’s in their best interest.


  6. Got Cowdog

    The first comment on the Stetson Bennett post was dead on. (h/t Huntindawg) if the kid isn’t on scholarship or has graduated he should be free to
    play as soon as he moves.


    • Truckin

      I agree with this completely. If the program feels the kid is important scholarship him, otherwise he/she can move on.


  7. Spur 21

    A wide open door will result in chaos. Imagine having 5 – 10 – 15 second or third team players deciding to transfer so they can see the field sooner. With scholarship caps you could find yourself with huge holes in your roster. Free agency is a terrible idea. A kid should have been aware of the depth chart before committing.


  8. UGA '97

    1000 yards for Robertson. 1000 yards godwin. 500 yards ridley. 500 yards nauta. 1000 yards swift. That’s about right.

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  9. doofusdawg

    Advocacy is a funny thing.


  10. ApalachDawg

    King for a day thoughts…
    1) no limit on transfer for a grad except
    Auburn or Tech
    2) no limit on transfer for an undergrad unless the schools are on your schedule in the next two seasons