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Today, in the grass is always greener

Yo’, mane, Justin Watkins just wants to get on with the next phase of his life after assaulting a woman or two.

I hope by “better opportunities” he doesn’t mean fresh meat.

Please, don’t @ him.  (Actually, you can’t even if you wanted to, because the tweet’s been taken down.)  The thug life is tough enough without have social media all over your ass.



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“For the Vols, it may not be so tough to predict.”

I have to say if there’s one common ground for Alabama and Georgia fans, it’s contempt for Tennessee football.


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‘Cocky talk is cocky.

As others have noted, Stingtalk is open again to the public, but I have to say it’s been dull, dull, dull over there.  Those folks need to up their game seriously, because they’ve been overtaken by the South Carolina online crowd for sheer over-the-top exuberance, minus the pseudo-statistical mumbo-jumbo Tech fans love to dress up their delusion in.

Today’s case in point comes from the comment section of this rational preseason peak (peck?) at Georgia from Garnet and Black Attack.

The offense they will be running is the type that always gives Kirby Smart trouble. This is it people. This is the win that will put us on top. It will make USC the talk of college football. This is our Alabama. The launching pad for Deebo’s Heisman campaign. Where Jake Bentley will finally realize his Destiny. It’s Will Muschamp finally getting an offense. This is the biggest game since 2010. This day will go down in history, when we all will say “South Carolina is back”. It will be a year when all the streaks against us will end. We will finally take the next step.We are gonna walk that aisle. Billy Brice will be rocking. And when it’ s all said and done next January….we will be champions! My prediction….Pain.

35-21…..South Carolina….as if you didnt know.

Capitalizing “destiny” is what really takes this to the next level.  This guy probably has “Sandstorm” as the ringtone on his cell phone.

And we’re still in July!  Imagine what we’ll be hearing during the week leading up to the game.


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How the Process has played out

Chip Towers has a point to make in this piece:

What led to our recent discussion about the O-line was this question: “What would you say is the biggest difference in Georgia now than when Kirby Smart first showed up.”

And that absolutely is the biggest difference, in my opinion.

I mean, this is not a revelation or something. To his credit, it was a stated goal of Smart’s not long after he arrived at UGA. Upon examining his team up close in the first couple of spring practices in 2016, Smart flat out called it. He said the Bulldogs have to get bigger on the lines of scrimmage, the offensive line in particular.

Smart basically issued an all-points bulletin that day, saying he was looking for guys 6-foot-5 and taller and that shorter linemen need not apply.

The transformation has been incredible to behold. It’s not just that the Bulldogs went out and did what Smart wanted on the recruiting front. It’s that everybody else in the SEC and the whole of FBS wants those big, tall linemen. Yet Georgia continues to win them over and sign them.

It’s not an unreasonable argument to make, not at all.

But it’s probably not the one I’d make.

For me, the biggest change is simple.  Somehow, Kirby has managed to get all the oars in the boat we know as the Georgia football program rowing in the same direction.  Considering this is where they were less than four years ago, that is nothing short of miraculous in my humble opinion.  Does Kirby deserve all the credit for that?  Considering he’s the only new variable in the equation, what do you think?


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