‘Cocky talk is cocky.

As others have noted, Stingtalk is open again to the public, but I have to say it’s been dull, dull, dull over there.  Those folks need to up their game seriously, because they’ve been overtaken by the South Carolina online crowd for sheer over-the-top exuberance, minus the pseudo-statistical mumbo-jumbo Tech fans love to dress up their delusion in.

Today’s case in point comes from the comment section of this rational preseason peak (peck?) at Georgia from Garnet and Black Attack.

The offense they will be running is the type that always gives Kirby Smart trouble. This is it people. This is the win that will put us on top. It will make USC the talk of college football. This is our Alabama. The launching pad for Deebo’s Heisman campaign. Where Jake Bentley will finally realize his Destiny. It’s Will Muschamp finally getting an offense. This is the biggest game since 2010. This day will go down in history, when we all will say “South Carolina is back”. It will be a year when all the streaks against us will end. We will finally take the next step.We are gonna walk that aisle. Billy Brice will be rocking. And when it’ s all said and done next January….we will be champions! My prediction….Pain.

35-21…..South Carolina….as if you didnt know.

Capitalizing “destiny” is what really takes this to the next level.  This guy probably has “Sandstorm” as the ringtone on his cell phone.

And we’re still in July!  Imagine what we’ll be hearing during the week leading up to the game.



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  1. mwo

    I don’t know why we’re even bothering to go over there. Just forfeit the game and stay home to save the player injuries and humiliation we will be dealt.

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  2. 3rdandGrantham

    What I love about all these bold predictions is they never offer any specifics as to how or why they are going to win. Instead, it’s just a bunch of “the leghumpers will enter a rocking WB and will face the wrath of Bentley!!11”. I mean, as least call me up with something, such as our new LB’s might get exploited, or young secondary will have trouble, etc.

    I can’t wait to see their excuses when we win this year by a greater margin than last year (14). After all, we lost 32 seniors and are ripe for the upset in week two. My guess is they will continue to remind themselves that Muschamp is closing the gap in recruiting, and any year now they will be able to stand toe to toe with us.


    • Derek

      As much as I find it funny, I’m hesitant to mock it too much because I remember a time (an embarrassingly long time) when not only did I have ridiculous hopes for every season, I never thought we’d lose any game before kickoff, despite all evidence to the contrary. In short, I can relate. That was my attitude about us through the 1980’s and 1990’s.

      By the time the 2000’s came along I was able to gain some emotional distance and perspective. But I remember distinctly people suggesting right here that 2009 was going to be a banner year with Joe Cox BECAUSE Moreno and Stanford had moved on with their selfish NFL aspirations holding us all back from greatness. My attempts at tamping that idiocy down were in vain. Myself and our fan base has been there and we’ll probably be there again some day.

      I’ll give the guy a pass. Unfounded and baseless exuberance is part of what makes college football fun.


      • 3rdandGrantham

        I remember pre-season ’09 very well. Joe Cox was the truth, and newcomer Washuan Ealey simply couldn’t be stopped. Then I started hearing the real whispers from those close to the program who had a clue, and the news was not good at all.


        • Derek

          You didn’t need inside info to know that losing stafford, mo mass and Moreno was gonna hurt offensive production against good defenses.


      • CB

        Joe Cox went 1-0 against the chickens.


        • To this day, I have never seen a human being run faster with a football in his hands than Brandon Smith on the reverse.

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        • The Dawg abides

          Dude, just in case you didn’t know, but that most brilliant and rational blogger Mr. Thomas Brown has a nice, measured, low key response to your Legge critique.


          • CB

            Haha. I saw it. I was critiquing Legge so turnabout and fairplay and whatnot I suppose. I also got 10 pings from him. I’m not a real blogger so I don’t exactly know what that means, but I think he’s doing it wrong.

            Really I’m just honored that somebody cares.


            • Napoleon BonerFart

              Even if that somebody is on the spectrum?


            • Gaskilldawg

              Actually you made some good points.

              Schottenheimer cannot be a complete idiot and keep a job as an NFL coordinator. Sure, his Father may have opened some doors but he would have to have a level of competence to get hired as an OC over and over again in a league that is concerned only with performance.

              I posted the day after the UF game 2015 that the NFL game, while football, is different from NFL football. All NFL offensive linemen can block. All NFL backs are talented. All quarterbacks are good. If an NFL player is injured and out for the season there is a competent replacement available to sign as a free agent. Schottenheimer is competent running offenses designed around the NFL game. He was unable to adapt to the college game. The QB decision vs. UF and the use of Sony Michel after Chubb went down illustrate this NFL “plug and play” background. Ramsey not producing? He is used to having a QB on the practice roster who has always been a fine passer every level of the game with whom he can run the same offense as the starter ran. We know what a special talent Sony Michel is and how his talents differed from Chubb. He tried to plug Sony into the Chubb role. Sony did fine playing Chubb, but he did not play Chubb nearly as well as Chubb played Chubb, and we lost Sony doing what Sony did so well. He failed to adapt because in the NFL there is a next man up.

              I don’t doubt Schottenheimer is a competent NFL coach but he was not what we needed in 2015. We needed a college OC.


          • Hogbody Spradlin

            How many million words are in Thomas Brown’s commentary?


      • PTC DAWG

        They’ve won the East once I think….they are FOS.


  3. Yurdle

    At least the author over there had a rational take. A dumb commenter is hardly the sole property of our rivals.


  4. The Quincy Carter of Accountants

    This day will go down in history, when we all will say “South Carolina is back”.

    Back? That’s not what back means.

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  5. AthensRules

    I love the…..”South Carolina is back!” I don’t think in 100+ years of football they were ever there. It is almost like they think they are Ole Miss and have some 1960’s tradition of actually winning something.

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    • gastr1

      Right–all-time record is 50-18-2. Also, the biggest game since 2010? 2012 was #5 versus #6, the largest crowd in SC history. They don’t teach history in the schools anymore, I tells ya.


  6. Greg

    Since SCar has never been to a major bowl game and never won an SEC title game (going to the title game just once…with a 5-3 conference record), I can only assume “South Carolina is back” means they think they have a shot at the Outback or Cap One Bowl.


  7. 81Dog

    Whatever that dude is smoking, pass me some. It apparently gives one a tasty buzz.

    The type of offense that always gives Kirby Smart trouble? Ok, Prioleux. How is it the Chiks are always going to show substantial improvement from their returning players, but UGA never is? The Chiks will easily replace their departing starters, but UGA can’t possibly overcome their losses? The Chiks incoming freshman are the best ever/instant impact /immediate depth, but UGA has a bunch of overrated guys who never develop?

    I admire their Panglossian optimism, but were I a Chik, I would hold off a second on making reservations for Atlanta, much less Santa Clara….. Unless they just enjoy watching UGA play. Spurrier was the greatest coach in Chik history, but he won the East one time, as the only 3 conference loss champ ever, and got smoked in the SECC. Spurrier ain’t walking through that door, Prioleux. Let’s face it, you’re basically Kentucky with palm trees in football.


  8. Hogbody Spradlin

    Bear in mind that there will always be a South Carolina player or two who manages to use their chip on the shoulder to good effect in this game.


  9. Brandon

    I have sensed this much hubris from an underdog Georgia opponent since the time that Kentucky’s student newspaper published the headline “GOALPOSTS IN DANGER” and basically every talking head on ESPN picked them to beat us even though we were ranked like No. 3 and they weren’t even ranked. They were the trendy, sexy, pick, the thinking (group-thinking) man’s pick. That was 2002j and I think we ended up winning like 63-21 or something. The goalposts were not in danger. I hope they keep talking and we become a virtual underdog in the media coverage, that plays right into Georgia football’s historical hands, we’ll win like 31-7 or something if that’s the psychological lead-up. Oh, and lastly, as others have pointed out, you have to have been “there” to start with to be “back”.


  10. Lazy Grad

    I get it is SCU, but c’mon… this is the year Boom finally has an offense?

    This will be USC’s second game with their ‘new’ hurry-up offense. I know Bryan McClendon is the OC, but their QB coach, Dan Werner, is probably THE brains behind their offense.

    (for those keeping score at home, Werner honed his chops under Freeze at Ole Mrs. with said offense (maybe Boom is having visions of 2016 UGA @ Ole Mrs.?))

    This fact alone seems to give the Cock faithful optimism that their offense will roll. Bentley will be the next Bo Wallace or some such crowing…

    My question to them is… after two or three or four very quick three-and-outs from SCU’s O, that vaunted Muschamp ‘cock defense will be gassed, then what?

    I am interested to see their offense progress during the season and see if Werner takes on more of a play calling role, as I do not see McClendon pulling it off. It is an offense that seems to be too fast for him, nor has he been around that (maybe exposed to it with Bobo, possibly?) kind of offense.

    But for that second game: Kirby has seen it (AU, OU, etc), will make adjustments, and USCe lacks Hayden Hurst along with a decent running game, sooo… who is left, Deebo Samuel?

    That double-digit spread the bookies have going seems reasonable.


    • Cojones

      Good post, Grad. You pointed out that SC will score and that will give them hope – several times. They may even lead at halftime until coaching takes over and our D responds to their plans. Yes, they have the O talent to score and that will cause nail biting among our faithful, but they can’t hope to contend with the O that will be sent their way, nor for the coaching that will reduce their O in the second half. They are getting high on their juice because they see the difference in our D while their O has progressed. They overlook the coaching difference and the progress of new players as pointed out earlier here.

      Question is: do we blunt them like baby seals or string the pain out?
      That’s, something that will be left up to the coaches.


  11. Brandon

    P.S. I think this guy (the Sakerlina poster) actually IS a Tech fan. Google the classic “Poetry of Premature Trash Talk” post at “Hey Jenny Slater” from 2009 and tell me you don’t recognize this guy’s work.


  12. Scott

    To paraphrase LL Cool J:

    “Don’t call it a comeback…..they’ve never been there before.”


  13. ChiliDawg

    Drinking that early ain’t healthy


  14. Brent

    Hilariously delusional…


  15. SSB Charley

    All these predictions about the rise of Carolina feel a lot like the stuff we heard about Donnan’s 98-00 teams or Butch’s UT teams. Significant uptick in recruiting, but not enough to surpass our (or their) rivals, who also had good players in addition to better coaches. We never seemed to get over the hump, and Butch certainly didn’t. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a similar result from Carolina, particularly if UT and UF get things rolling again.


  16. Message boards are so much fun (honestly). The best part is mocking the silly posts, like the one above. In a good faith gesture I’ll point out someone on the Vent said Saban’s run is over and it starts this year. Each message board is unique, sure, but they’re mostly made up of die hard loons, which makes them fun.


  17. 92 grad

    Most of us are conditioned to worry about significant games. Most of us were awestruck last season by virtue of a Georgia team that played to their potential in every conference game and post season games. (This is where the Mizzou crack comes in where they scored 30 points on us). If the coming season shows us that our team can continue as they did last year, well, then we won’t know how to act. The first conference matchup will be hyped up, it will be when we learn an awful lot about our team and I’m perfectly fine with assigning question marks on this game. Thing is, I think our guys are going to take it personally (or coaches, they may insulate the players from trivial stuff) and give them a real shellacking.


  18. dawgfan

    The reality is if SC can hold UGA under 150 yds rushing and win the turnover battle they stand a chance. I’ll be surprised if UGA is under 200 rushing. Cocky has to be very Lucky to win. How many losses to UGA and Clemson will it take before the SC happy talk ends?


  19. This day will go down in history, when we all will say “South Carolina is back” South Carolina is back? Back to what exactly? Getting your head handed to you in the SECCG?


  20. CPark58

    I am very familiar with the feeling in the SoCar fanbase right now. I felt the same as I convinced myself that, “this is it, its our time” despite a lack of real evidence to support that optimism and confidently circled 10/03/2015.

    On the morning following that rain soaked swirly, I awoke with an empty feeling of truth that the UGA Bulldogs had been weighed, measured, and found wanting in the world of big boy football.

    I have a feeling a large part of the SoCar fanbase will have a similar realization the morning after the UGA game this year but many will continue under the delusion that the gap between UGA and SoCar isn’t that great and the score didn’t really reflect the closeness of the game.


  21. Doug

    “Billy Brice”? Is that really a thing now?

    Apparently “dorky nickname” ranked above “showers in the visiting team locker room” on their stadium upgrade priorities list.


  22. hassan

    Our biggest danger is in taking the game too lightly. That was always the main ingredient in the classic Richt face plant. But my dear chickens, you are clucking up the wrong tree…this is not a Mark Richt team. And all the 5 star hats on the table in the world won’t help them this year.


    • willypmd

      I also felt like our biggest danger under Richt was having 2 star offensive guards man every position on the offensive line with no back ups.

      Or it could be that we were just taking them lightly…


  23. DavetheDawg

    This will be South Carolina’s version of our (takes deep breath, exhales slowly…) “Blackout” game. It’s going to be hot and our offensive line is going to replace guys throughout the afternoon like a shark replaces missing teeth. If we don’t grind them into chicken pate by the beginning of the 4th quarter, Imma be disappoint…

    I hope South Carolina wears their darkest shade of RGB 0, 0, 0.


  24. ChiliDawg

    You know what it is, is bait. They think if they can goad us into talking about them that they can point to us talking and say “SEE???! THEY SAY THEY DON’T CONSIDER US A RIVAL, BUT LOOK! THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT US!.” Apparently it doesn’t matter that we talk about them in pitiful terms, the fact that we’re having a discussion brings them validation.



  25. Butler Reynolds

    Twenty-something years ago I had to spend several weeks in Columbia for work, just before football season started. Back then there was nothing to do around there after work but listen to the local sports-talk. The excitement around the upcoming season was astounding. Like nothing I had ever heard here in Georgia. It was infectious.

    Since then I’ve always admired Carolina fans’ enthusiasm.


  26. I think you have to have actually been somewhere to get back there.

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  27. dawgtired

    “…when we all will say “South Carolina is back”.”

    This is the line that confuses me. Back to what, exactly? Is he suggesting that SC was ‘there’ at one time? I get being a homer and getting excited about your team but to pretend you’re ‘returning’ to glory days as though there were championships in your past? Just crazy.


  28. garageflowers

    Your ringtone comment seriously made me spit part of my lunch on my monitor.

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  29. jt (the other one)

    De-Nile…not just a river in Egypt! The funniest part is that they talk about their DLine and absolutely FAIL to see that we potentially have a BETTER OL than last season.


  30. The 984

    They might beat us. Maybe. Probably not, but it can happen.

    But is this guy seriously predicting a national championship? Come January they will be champions? If he meant only SEC Champs, he should’ve said December. But by saying January, it really reads like he’s predicting a CoFoPlOf victory parade.