“I’ll be honest, I don’t give two shits about recruiting rankings.”

Again, here’s my daily reminder that if you don’t have a subscription to The Athletic, you’re missing out on some real gems, like this Q&A with Paul Johnson.  The quote in my header is hard to top, I admit, but there’s one other bit of amusement worth sharing.

Referring to UGA as the “gorilla” — honestly meant as a compliment — his response to the obvious question of what he can sell to compete comes off sounding like your standard Stingtalk comment:

“Academics. The education. The networking of the alums. All of those kinds of things. I am sure they have some of that, but it’s not the same as ours.”

It’s not exactly what every five-star kid wants to hear, is it?  Kinda makes it easy to understand why the genius says he doesn’t give two shits about recruiting rankings.


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  1. I thought this response about how his program has changed in the last 10 years was just the best (emphasis added):

    I think the league has gotten much better than what it was. Our program is still probably where we were 10 years ago.


  2. Timphd

    The Athletic is now my second read of the morning, just after GTP. CPJ comes off as almost jealous in that article. Glad he sees UGA as the gorilla.


    • gastr1

      And yet I’m sure that he knows he will never, ever coach at a gorilla because of his high school offense. Let me guess: he doesn’t give two shits about coaching at the gorilla schools.

      Man, these grapes are so sour!

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  3. ChiliDawg

    Seth should pay you commission. You’re making it hard to hold out.


  4. 3rdandGrantham

    A coach saying he doesn’t give a crap about recruiting rankings is akin to a CFO saying he doesn’t give a rip about P&L statements. It’s irresponsible at absolute best.


    • Doug

      Or like me saying “So what if Kate Upton dumped me. She snored like a buzzsaw.”

      If you think about it, CPJ really hasn’t ever had to do much in terms of recruiting. At Georgia Southern, he was at an FCS powerhouse whose reputation preceded it (granted, he did steer them out of a couple of lean years), and given the level of talent in the state of Georgia, even the fish UGA, FSU, etc. tossed back were good enough to stand out at that level. At Navy, he was in a unique situation where the recruiting process was already finished by the first time he ever met a prospect, since most guys looking at the Naval Academy are doing so for singular reasons (whether it’s “I want to serve my country” or “Alabama and USC weren’t interested”). At Tech, though, he’s in a division, conference, and geographic region where recruiting stars do matter a great deal, and simply shrugging one’s shoulders and denying that fact don’t make it untrue. I almost wonder if he’s realizing now that he should have started shoring up his recruiting chops back in 2008 and basically figures it’s too late at this point.


  5. He’s not wrong with the alumni connection thing. I don’t know another school that does it with such abandon – tech grads in position to make hires will pick someone from their school over more qualified applicants 95% of the time My experience with this has been non-engineering fields btw – I get its a good school, but that Spanish degree from Tech doesn’t really impress me much.


    • Uglydawg

      The Ivy League schools are very connecting..as are the Academies. Annapolis especially.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      I’m not disagreeing because I don’t deal with hiring very much. But my impression is their grads don’t give a flying f#*k whether you went to gtu if you aren’t an engineer.

      But gtu has had so many foreign students and so few Georgia kids over the last couple decades, I find it difficult to tell if they really have that big an impact on the state/local business community as they once did.


      • Spur 21

        A buddy had a large engineering firm in Atlanta – he was a Tech grad. He told me the engineers coming out of Clemson were far better and always at the top of his list for new hires.


    • anon

      Apparently you have never run into the Texas A&M cult.


    • FisheriesDawg

      The alumni connection thing is real, but it’s small and narrow. If you’re staying in Georgia, especially if you don’t plan to be an engineer in the strict sense for your entire career, UGA offers far more alumni connections. There just aren’t enough graduates of that school staying in Georgia to really pay off from a network standpoint.


  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    Will Rogers never met Paul the Johnson.


  7. Dolly Llama

    Dude, nobody ever says anything that coherent on Stingtalk. I know what Johnson said was nothing special, but it’s positively Churchillian compared to what goes on at Romper Room. If one of them said anything similar, it’d go like “Academics. The education. The networking of the alums. But above all, your mom.”


  8. Bright Idea

    Paul Johnson wants you to believe he never recruited a single kid with a GPA in the 2s and an SAT below 1200. He wants you to believe he’s actually sat with a kid for 15 minutes and then told him your’e too dumb for us. He does come close to admitting that Tech is not really in the football business when he says “we can compete” like that’s the best they can expect.


  9. DavetheDawg

    Well, I reckon it’s a good thing that any 2-star kid can be taught how to chop block.

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  10. A man who cut his teeth at a school that built a program out of thin air with kids who couldn’t get into UGA bitching about academic requirements is too fucking much for me.

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  11. gastr1

    I love this: “I’ve always been under the adage of if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”
    What about when it is broke, Genius? Name a time you ever fixed anything that was “broke”!


  12. Red Cup

    His best team at GT was with Chantastic’s recruits.


  13. When you can’t recruit 5 star players, you have to say it doesn’t matter. He wants everyone on North Avenue to believe he can’t recruit because of Fech’s academics. The truth is he can’t recruit because blue chips (whether they have NFL dreams or not) don’t want to play in or practice against his system.

    Hell, a Georgia blue chip (cough, cough … Calvin Johnson) who wants to major in engineering can come to Georgia now.


    • HiAltDawg

      One of the most hilarious quotes of UGA Engineering Student from last year: “I got accepted to Tech but I wanted to meet girls.” Also his first football game was Miss St so he’s embracing football at just the right time, lol

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  14. 92 grad

    How in the hell does he like his job? You think he has that “time to get up hit the day” attitude? No way. He’s in it for the fat paycheck and the sanctimony.


  15. AceDawg

    The gap may be too wide to knock off UGA any time soon, but I’m wise enough to not overstate that.


  16. Biggus Rickus

    “I’m glad you said that coach, because I have some news….”


  17. 81Dog

    QED. Anyone who’s seen his list of recruits every year could tell you That.


  18. McTyre

    For a coach who doesn’t give a shiite about recruiting rankings, Johnson sure seems to talk about not giving a Shiite about recruiting rankings at nearly every opportunity. The guy is so obsessed with what people think about him and convincing everyone of his superior approach to the game that he comes across as a miserable human. That’s what makes him and that fan base a match made in heaven.


  19. DawgByte

    If Paul Johnson wants to understand the difference between UGA, GT and the rest of the Top 10 Power 5 schools he should read the piece detailing John Emery’s commitment. It’s not just about what the kids do at the school during the 3-5 years they attend, it’s about the support system that continues on.