“… it was not smart to load up the team to travel to someone’s else neighborhood…”

Judging from my emails, it seems several of you came across this follow up about Frying Pangate.  While it’s almost impossible to write a lede that isn’t comedy gold…

The conflict between University of Florida football players and an alleged Gainesville gambler known as “Tay Bang” dates back to well before the May 2018 confrontation involving airsoft rifles, rocks and a frying pan, according to a new report from the Gainesville Police Department.

… buried in the article is a line that ought to get somebody’s attention at the NCAA.

The report said Zachery told police he had a good relationship with tight end C’yontai Lewis and another University of Florida football player. Zachery told police he would give them discounts on rental cars at Enterprise, according to the report.

Remember, all it took to get A.J. Green’s ass in a sling was a TMZ story about some bullshit party in Miami.  By that standard, this is a major green light.

Meanwhile, here’s a clip of the epic confrontation.

And here’s… well, I don’t know what this is.

Might want to think about losing that #GatorsAfterDark tag, fellas.



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20 responses to ““… it was not smart to load up the team to travel to someone’s else neighborhood…”

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Lemme get this straight. They bought all those leftover costumes from “Live and Let Die” and used them for a 50 second promo video? What effect did they hope to achieve? Who exactly produced and shot that video? Is it supposed to fire up Gator fans?


  2. 81Dog

    Do what the song say.


  3. ChiliDawg

    Brandishing what looks like assault rifles on a college campus is really a particularly bright move. Can’t imagine why that would be a bad idea.


  4. Mark

    Regardless of the reduced buyout looks like Mcelwain made out.


  5. 86BONE

    I could write the script every time…so predictable


  6. Tatum

    Behavior like that in the first video will get you killed. Behavior like that in the second video makes you look like a bunch of twelve year olds at summer camp.


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    If ‘real’ cops arrived a few of them would be dead now. Of course I’m talking about the locker room video…


  8. AusDawg85

    I can hear Cyndi Lauper singing ”…gators just wanna have fun…”

    And a judge will buy it thanks to Huntley Johnson.


  9. Spike

    Huntley Johnson. Head of Security and Player Development. University of Florida.


  10. ChiliDawg

    Meanwhile in Athens – Kirby was getting his team ready to whip these clowns’ asses. Again.

    The recruiting fodder from this will be great. “You can go to Florida and play dress up or you can come to Georgia and play football.”


  11. Russ

    If anything comes of this from the NCAA about this video, I’d be very surprised. McGarity would be offering to suspend every player that looked like those in the video just before the NCAA added two more games to each player’s suspension.

    And I’m sure those are “air rifles”.


  12. Trbodawg

    From the first article “According to a separate Gainesville Police Department report, on July 22 – a month after the melee – UF wide receiver Kadarius Toney was pulled over for a seatbelt violation. During the stop, police found a black rifle in the back seat. It was real. The report says Toney initially tried to elude police, before eventually stopping. Toney and another passenger were briefly detained before being released on scene. Toney told police he bought the rifle and had it in his vehicle for protection from locals, according to the report.”

    Can you ever, in your wildest dreams, envision this happening to one of our players – pulled over, after evading, with a weapon, and ‘released on scene’ – INCONCEIVABLE


  13. lakedawg

    Damn, gators are dumber than my pet armadillo!


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