Phil Fulmer is no Greg McGarity.

Tennessee’s AD ain’t gonna have Jeremy Pruitt complaining to the media about not having enough practice fields, no siree.


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15 responses to “Phil Fulmer is no Greg McGarity.

  1. Russ

    Nice editor. I like how they make it sound Pruitt spoke in complete sentences.

    On a serious note, I hope Trey Smith is okay and over the blood clots in his lungs. And I hope playing football doesn’t endanger him further.


    • ChiliDawg

      Really irks me how they’ve taken to changing his words that they print in quotes to correct his grammar without doing the proper annotation on their part to indicate it was changed.


  2. Bulldog Joe

    Good news: We’re building a new practice field!

    Bad news: We’re installing the same turf.

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  3. Bright Idea

    When does enough become enough? When each assistant coach has his own 100yd practice field or each player?


    • Russ

      When the TV revenue dries up.


    • stoopnagle

      I know right?

      “whoa! at least four other schools have FOUR outdoor practice fields? WHY ARE WE BEHIND???”

      It’s like when Merry learns that they serve ale in pints at the Prancing Pony. “It comes in pints?!? I’m getting one!” even though he’d had a whole half already.


  4. Whiskeydawg

    To paraphrase the great general, Buck Turgidson “Mr. President, we must not allow a practice field gap!


  5. JCDAWG83

    I guess the real reason for UT’s decade of football malaise has been revealed. They didn’t have anywhere to practice. The vols should be much better now that they have a place to practice.


  6. Comin' Down The Track

    I’m wondering when they’re going to renovate the rest of the stadium look like the grandiose entrance way and the connecting concourses that go on just until they curve out of sight. They could start by scraping off about thirty layers of that institutional yellow paint that covers everything like vanilla pudding from a 1960s era public elementary school. What a dump that place is.


    • Macallanlover

      Boy, it really is a dump. Wonder what the capacity would be if they had adult sized seats? But their concessions and bathrooms are still better than Sanford’s. No excuse for that, none at all.


  7. Mayor

    Maybe they should start playing the games on the new practice field—the turf has got to be better than the stadium turf.