Eligible to be eligible

Saw this news drop a little while ago:

That’s seen in certain quarters as good news for another program nearer and dearer to our hearts.

Does that mean that Greg McGarity’s not engaged in any preemptive groveling with the NCAA about Robertson’s immediate eligibility?  My, the times are a-changin’.


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16 responses to “Eligible to be eligible

  1. Ozam

    Given our past experiences with the NCAA, anything is possible. It would be so Georgia for Robertson’s petition to be denied.



    I still don’t think Robertson helped himself with his statement about Texas and W Va (I think) being in the running…time will tell.


  3. Biggen

    Man if we can get DRob eligible, that is huge. This guy is an amazing WR.


  4. Last week, UNC just got a transfer waiver for a RB from Ohio State. Unless there is some unreported aspect to that decision, it was based on player’s improved chance of playing time and being closer to home. If Robertson is not granted waiver, something is very seriously wrong.


  5. ASEF

    The NCAA is not the issue here. How willing and effective is DR as a blocker? That’s the question. You want to play WR for Kirby, you better be able to hold a block downfield without holding.


  6. Brandon M

    I wouldn’t be surprised if our staff already knows D-Robs fate for this season. Kirby be Kirbying n all. We might not find out until Sept. 1st


  7. DawgPhan

    If he plays this season UGA will have the best WR group in the country. By a long shot.

    Godwin, Hardman, Ridley, and Robertson who would even be close to that.