Georgia and the latest FPI rankings

  • Up to number three (technically, it looks like the Dawgs are tied for second with… wait for it… Alabama).
  • Favored in every game, with the closest call against Auburn at home (66.7% chance of winning against the team with the number seven ranking in FPI).
  • 50th in strength of schedule.  (For all the crap Saban gets, the Tide sits at 28th.)


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8 responses to “Georgia and the latest FPI rankings

  1. Biggus Rickus

    The East and Tech being bad is hurting that SOS. Even if Notre Dame was still on the schedule, it would probably only move up to somewhere in the 30s.


  2. Bob

    Sitting 28th for a team that has been the standard bearer for a decade is hardly the stuff that covers one in glory. The fact that they are 2d in the SEC speaks volumes about our cupcake centric ass schedules.

    The biggest problem about Alabama has been their adamant refusal to go home and home with anyone. Four times since 2000 speaks volumes. They have opened every year with normally a quality opponent. But they have opened at a so called neutral site that has almost always been closer to Tuscaloosa than to the home of the opponent.

    Thank goodness Saban and Alabama finally seem to be moving away from this as an exclusive scheduling module. Over the same time period Georgia has played at Clemson twice, ND, Colorado, Okie State and Tech 9 times. Ours could be better, but except for this year, by SEC standards it has been decent.


  3. Austin Peay scored 30+ on the Orlando Sentinel national champions. Should we get an SOS bump for that?


  4. mdcgtp

    Those rankings don’t factor in the possibility that arguably the most talented WR in the country is believed to have a very good chance of being eligible in 2018. Drob is better than any WR in the SEC and probably among all the playoff contenders. If Zeus gives us elite TB play, Drob makes our offense almost unstoppable.


  5. Raleigh St. Claire

    McGarity really screwed us with this schedule. At least he acknowledges now that we need 2 Power 5 OOC opponents, even if neither is at the level of a Notre Dame. We should be playing 2 Power 5, a MTSU/App St level opponent, and I guess an FCS team. I’d rather play two Group of ZFive teams and dispense with FCS altogether, but I admittedly don’t know how difficult that kind scheduling is.


    • The question is the 2nd P5 opponent since Fech isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Do you go home and home (ND/UCLA), neutral (UVA) or home only (a P5 bottom feeder)? Between Fech and the WLOCP, you have to balance the schedule to get an ND home/home arrangement or schedule a neutral site game (most likely at MBS as a virtual home game). Then you have to look at the payout for the Gof5 vs P5 bottom feeder to make the right choice.

      If you hate the home schedule this year, blame 10rc and Fech for sucking. I’ve been hard on the AD for some decisions, but scheduling, especially so far in advance, is damn hard.


  6. moe pritchett

    50th SOS…I have to work with a Syracuse grad who lives in a place where the Orangemen would be playing for the NC every year with our schedule. It gets quite entertaining at times.

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