Kirby prepares to get biblical on their asses.

Get ready.

“Iron sharpens iron,” Smart said. “We’re going to have some of the most epic battles for who is going to be right guard, who is going to be left guard, who is going to be the starting defensive tackle. That’s what drives us to have success is those battles that happen throughout camp.”

The fun starts Friday.


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8 responses to “Kirby prepares to get biblical on their asses.

  1. That seems to be the saying for the year. I believe I heard him use it at media days … I wonder if anyone will take a cheap shot at him for it.


  2. Macallanlover

    So many things are going great with UGA football these days, but I miss getting some legit info on what transpires at practice under Kirby. I realize there are many things that need to get kept under wraps, but the Saban-like blanket of secrecy during fall practice is a downer. Those position battles are going on, but we won’t know much until September 1. Another month’s delay is tough at this time of year. Small price I guess, but a few more updates, or scrimmage stats wouldn’t jeopardize the season. Come on Kirby, feed the masses a little manna every few days.


  3. 86BONE

    Hey Mac, not sure where you live, but you need to be calling buddies that reside in Athens for nuggets of info out of the weight room and off the practice fields. Plenty of locals get to go watch and there are several great “hotspots” for intel…ACC & The Mayflower just to name a few!

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    • Macallanlover

      Thanks 86, actually have some good friends in that group so I am not totally in the dark, even though I don’t live in Athens area. Just feel we have gone too far in the “cloak and dagger” direction, especially for those fans with no connections at all. Many of us live this program 24/365 and some of the secrecy, and lack of the HC’s perspective is missing a lot of really good fans. Somewhere between where we were, and are now, would be better, imo. I also respect why those guys choose not to discuss what they know/hear, and I would never violate their request not to discuss. Feel someone gotta throw those loyal fans a bone, it’s been a long dry spell since January 8!



    This is where we win on the football field. It starts on the practice field. The advantage we have is we have 5 stars going against 5 stars. The best really will make the best better. GO DAWGS



    By the way Will Zamir be cleared for full go?