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Corch takes the wheel.

Here we go.

Well, I was wrong.

No, not about him lying at Big Ten media days that he didn’t know anything about what happened with the Smiths in 2015.  Or about being a sanctimonious bullshitter.  Or about not going without a fight.

Not even about having to throw somebody under the bus to save his ass.

But I got the somebody wrong.  I figured he would talk his loyal wife into taking one for the team in the name of plausible deniability.  Instead, his story now is that he followed the usual protocols when he learned of it and reported it “to the proper channels”, i.e. his boss at Ohio State.  So it’s Gene Smith, instead, who’s smelling the diesel exhaust fumes up close and personal.

Now there’s a lot there that doesn’t pass the smell test, particularly the fiction he invents about why he wasn’t honest at Big Ten media days.  Regardless, Corch wants his job or in the alternative every penny he’s got coming under his contract and he just served notice he won’t go quietly.

The big issue now is whether there’s a paper trail with the higher ups at Ohio State.  If there really is, Urban ain’t the only one who’ll be shown the door.  You get the feeling this won’t end pretty for somebody.


UPDATE:  Zach Smith is backing Urban’s play.

The inevitable official statement coming from Ohio State is going to make for an interesting read.


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A sign it’s time for the opening of August camp

C’mon, Kirby.

I love Campbell as much as anyone, but that ain’t happening unless Baker has an unfortunate run in with Mudcat’s car.


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Righteous indignation can be tiring.

So now we’re going to hammer Drew Lock for stupid stuff he tweeted in his eighth grade year in middle school? (h/t)

Jeez, if that’s now the going standard for living the righteous life, there aren’t going to be enough hours in the day to rake every guilty soul over the coals.  People do change from being idiotic fourteen-year olds, I’ve noticed.  Maybe cutting some folks a little slack might be in order.  Just sayin’.

That being said, kids, the next time an adult tells you to be careful what you post on social media, maybe you should think about paying attention.


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“I would’ve picked a better place to put it, let’s put it that way.”

Nothing like a “he said, he said” story, when one of the “he”s is Greg McGarity.

A lot of folks in Elberton are hopping mad at Georgia. A lot of folks.

No doubt, everybody here has seen or knows about the big granite statue of the bulldog that has sat in place of prominence behind the east end zone at Sanford Stadium. Well, it’s not in a place of prominence anymore.

In fact, sitting in your seats inside Sanford Stadium this football season you won’t be able to see it at all. And that doesn’t sit well with the good folks of Elberton, and a subset of them who happen to be very passionate about the Bulldogs and that statue in particular.

Chief among them would be Tom Oglesby and other longtime members of the Elbert County Bulldog Club. Oglesby donated the 4,820-pound statue to UGA and Athletic Director Vince Dooley in 1992 on the occasion of the 100-year celebration of Georgia football. Created by master sculptor Steve Mooney, the statue has overlooked the East End Zone ever since then.

But UGA says it had to move it in order to install new premium, field-level suites between the hedges and the east grandstand. It was part of a $63 million renovation that included moving the team’s locker room from underneath the east stands into the new building on the west end.

The statue moved with the team, but it ended up out of view underneath the bridge in the northwest corner of the stadium and no longer a part of pregame proceedings.

… Here’s where the story gets a little cloudy. Georgia officials said Oglesby was informed of exactly where the statue would be relocated in a meeting back in February and that it had been designated for that spot since construction plans were finalized last December.

“The location has never changed from where it was on the original drawings and Tom knows that,” Georgia Athletic Director Greg McGarity said Thursday. “I’m not sure where there was confusion about that, but I’ve talked to Tom about it and he understands why we did what we did.”

Oglesby said he didn’t realize where the statue was going to end up until he came to Sanford Stadium this past Friday to oversee the crews charged with resetting the massive work of art. He said it was only then that he realized the statue would be out of view during the Bulldogs’ games.

“They showed me another place, which they deny now,” Oglesby said. “But it’s not where I thought it’d be. We just set it where they said to set it, but I wasn’t happy about it. I’m concerned it’s not going to be on TV. I’m worried it’s going to get vandalized. Where it is now, there’s nothing stopping a Tech fan from dropping a bottle of paint on it from the bridge and just keep walking.”

Sure, Greg, Tom sounds real understanding about it.  Makes you wonder why he’s complaining about it publicly now and not when you showed it to him in the original drawings.

At least you didn’t blow him off with a “it’s only a statue, dude” defense.  I guess that counts as improved PR.

Tom, if you’re looking for real sympathy, next time, write a bigger check.  That’s the only language that resonates at Butts-Mehre these days.


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Today, in Gawd’s way of saying you have too much money

Rutgers fires an inept athletic director and pays her approximately $500,000 more than she was reportedly owed in exchange for agreeing not to sue the university for wrongful termination.

This is what comes of getting to suck at the Big Ten Network’s teat.

In my next life, I want to come back as a P5 AD.  Life is good.


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“… necessity is the mother of invention. And, apparently, the grandmother of the transfer rule.”

Something we tend to take as a given is, based on recruiting prowess year after year, the talent level at LSU.  If there’s a slide in Baton Rouge, that means we point fingers at the coaches for not getting the best out of their rosters.

Maybe that’s not as much of a given as we think.

Friday, when LSU players report to campus for the start of preseason camp, 14 of them will be transfers. That’s the most for an LSU team since 2013 and fifth-most in the SEC.

Of those, 11 will be newcomers or players who were on the roster but did not play in 2017. Only Mississippi State, with 15 such players, and Tennessee, with 12, have more among SEC schools.

Several of those LSU transfers are walk-ons who will likely never play a meaningful snap in a game. But a large number of them are poised to fill major roles for the Tigers’ hopes in what bodes to be a challenging and critical season as LSU tries to reassert itself as a championship player.

As a rule, the best SEC teams have the fewest transfers. Defending national champion Alabama has just six, four who didn’t participate in 2017. Reigning SEC champion Georgia has just seven transfers, including three new faces for 2018. Auburn, which won the SEC West, has eight and four.

That’s certainly not a definitive data point, but it’s not nothing, either.  And depending on what happens with Demetris Robertson, Georgia’s numbers may change.

The thing is, what separates Alabama and Georgia on transfers is as much how good both programs have been integrating transfers into successful roles on the field as it is on the overall comparative numbers.  That’ll be the real test for Orgeron and his staff, especially when you consider that one of the key players is Burrow, who they’re largely pinning their hopes on to succeed as the starter at quarterback.


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Today, in rather being lucky than good

BTW, one useful thing about that Connelly preview of Florida is that he linked to an old Football Outsiders post of his about new coaching hires that I searched like mad for when Georgia hired Kirby Smart and couldn’t find.

Here’s the link.  Read it and maybe you’ll understand a little better about my frustration with the hiring process (using the term loosely, ya’ know) that led to Smart’s hire.

Two-year change at BCS Conferences Based on Coaching Type
Coaching Type N 1st Yr
Avg. Two-Yr
Applicable 2010 Teams
College Assistant 30 -0.8% +1.4% Florida State, Kentucky, Louisville, Vanderbilt
BCS Conf. Coach 18 +0.5% +5.4% Notre Dame, Texas Tech, USC
Non-BCS Conf. Coach 12 -0.8% +2.3% Cincinnati, Kansas, South Florida, Tennessee
Fired BCS Conf. Coach 5 +2.0% -1.1%
NFL 7 -7.6% -4.8%
FCS Coach 4 -5.0% -16.0% Virginia
Grand Total 76 -1.2% +0.8%

The odds favor bringing on another BCS head coach.  That — obviously — doesn’t mean Smart wouldn’t click, but it also strongly suggests that McGarity, who had the premier opening in college football to fill, just as obviously didn’t make much of an effort at performing his due diligence.  Sometimes things just work out.


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