Circling the wagons

Ohio State hunkers down.

Ohio State closed ranks around the rollout of its football season as the university investigates whether coach Urban Meyer failed to report domestic abuse allegations, a scandal hitting a school already accused of not facing up to sexual misconduct allegations against a sports doctor.

The Buckeyes plan to open their first football practice Friday without Meyer, who was put on administrative leave during the probe and also suspended from an endorsement deal by restaurant chain Bob Evans. It’s not clear how restrictive the paid leave will be for the coach who is expected to earn $7.6 million for the 2018 season after getting a raise earlier this year.

Ohio State officials declined comment Thursday beyond barring reporters from practices and saying they would decide by Monday when to allow coaches and players to speak to media. Co-offensive coordinator Ryan Day was named acting head coach while Meyer is out.

“Due to the ongoing investigation, football coaches and student-athletes will not be available for interviews until further notice and all practices will be closed,” Ohio State spokesman Jerry Emig said in an email.

Hey, that seems totally normal.

They’re probably the only folks on the planet currently not speaking about Urban Meyer’s problems.


UPDATE:  Spurrier on Meyer is… ugh.


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22 responses to “Circling the wagons

  1. Mark

    So Spurrier hopes Shelley Meyer is thrown under the bus to salvage urbs career.If Corch allowed that rather than step up and take responsibility it would be a fitting frame to his career.


  2. W Cobb Dawg

    Recommended viewing for tOSU people ‘circling the wagons’: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Media Feeding Frenzies.

    Does my enjoyment seeing Corch get raked over the coals make me a bad person? Nah, I only wish I could call time out with a minute left to savor his demise. Oh, and if we could tie Timmy into this somehow it would be sweeeet.


  3. ugafidelis

    Re: OSU


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    Steve Spurrier, saying what he is really thinking, as always.


  5. Everyone has their own opinion here; personally, I think OSU is doing their due diligence so that they can terminate Urban with cause, alleviating them of the $40MM plus contract. What a lot of people do not realize, is that OSU has their own Michigan State type problems.

    They are ‘wide open’ to law suits right now. He might have an outside chance if all of this other stuff wasn’t swirling, but with everything else swirling around – they simply cannot afford to take the risk; not to mention the massive hit to their reputation…


    Michigan – Fab 5 Payoff.
    PSU – Boys Sex Abuse Scandal (for years)
    MSU – Woman Athletes Sex Abuse Scandal (for years)
    OSU – Sex Abuse and Physical Abuse Scandals (for years)

    I really do not EVER want to hear from anyone in the Big 10 about the SEC being seedy…


  6. Comin' Down The Track

    Stephen Garcia sez there’s nothing to see here.


  7. Thorn Dawg

    Not so sure about the wrestling “scandal.”


  8. Doug

    An Ohio sports reporter they interviewed on All Things Considered (go ‘head, hit me with your latte-sippin’, NPR-listenin’ liberal stereotypes) made the point that a media blackout for coaches and players is just gonna make this worse for tOSU. Without the blackout, the media would’ve had to divide their attention between Meyer and actual prep for the upcoming season. Now it’s gonna be all Meyer, all the time.


    • Anonymous

      NPR and PBS have fantastic programming. The issue is the taxpayer subsidies they receive. The programming is designed by and for highly-educated affluent socially-liberal white people. As a highly-educated affluent socially-liberal white guy, I don’t need the government to force others to subsidize my entertainment. When listening to an interview with someone talking about the upcoming events in outdoor summer-time arts scene in Vienna Austria, I can’t help but wonder why people think there is a bevy of “underprivileged” people listening. They are very obviously targeting people that are contemplating a Central-European summer vacation and not people that hear “Austria” and think of kangaroos.


      • Got Cowdog

        Obviously Doug is from Metro Atlanta (aka “Home of the shittiest radio stations ever”) and like me has been forced to retreat into the NPR spectrum to avoid brain damage from hearing the same three classic rock songs and “Tom Shane” commercials ad nauseum.


      • Got Cowdog

        Anon, don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re coming off a little pretentious here……..


        • Anonymous

          Well, you got my point. The programming of NPR is pretentious (even if I really enjoy it). I also had to think of a way to throw in the kangaroo joke.


          • Mike Cooley

            Anon, I’m about as unlike you as I could possibly be and thought it was a really good post until the last part of the last sentence.


  9. Snoop Dawgy Dawg

    I don’t really have an issue with the first half that answer. Prefaced by the fact that he considers CUM to be a friend, I understand his hope that his friend didn’t overlook a serial wife beater on his staff for 11 years.

    If someone were to come to me with this type of accusation about a friend, I would hope that the accusation was wrong due to the impact of it being right. Good lord, I just defended Spurrier. I’m going to go brush my teeth with bleach.


  10. The Dawg abides

    This is for everyone that just loves the ol’ ball coach for telling it like it is, and thinks that college football is more fun with him around: Steve Spurrier is and always has been a petty fucking douchebag.


  11. MGW

    On the update. Yes,he’s being overly sensitive. Anybody with a friend in the crosshairs is going to hope the friend didn’t do what they say he did. Or in this case know about the information.

    And if you told any coach “someone on your team has to be kicked off the team for some reason” they’re going to hope it’s not a starter.


  12. Normaltown Mike


    Since it’s about Urban, couldn’t you have titled this post….”Circling the Jerk”?


  13. Ricky McDurden

    You mean under that visor Spurrier is actually just a douche with questionable priorities? And you’re telling me he coached and played at FLORIDA??

    Well, at least he delivers a mean one-liner.


  14. Codie Kel

    Zero respect for Spurrier, is and has always been a piece of shit douche bag


    • 92 grad

      Who hasn’t needed to look at his bank account in over 20 years. Why would he say anything else besides calling up his bud and telling him to STFU and wait it out,