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“The narrative has already been created.”

For what it’s worth, Nick Saban’s contention that any quarterback controversy is solely in the eyes of the media appears to be taking a hit — from Jalen Hurts.

Not sure how much it matters, though, seeing as ‘Bama can probably win ten games this season without a quarterback.  Although it’s interesting to get confirmation that Saban may not be as deft handling stuff like this as he likes to project.



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Missing Stetson Bennett

Those special quarterback packages we’re expecting this year?  Jim Chaney succinctly explains their limits:

“Justin’s ability to run the ball is exceptional but we don’t have the best depth at that position right now.”


UPDATE:  Marc Weiszer has more from Chaney.

“I don’t know that you walk out and say because Justin Fields can run, he is a running quarterback,” Chaney said. “I think Justin Fields is a fantastic quarterback. He happens to be able to run. That’s a good thing. Designing a playbook directly because he can run, I think that would be distorting who we want to be as a football team. But it has given us some different things that we can open up in the playbook. It does open some pages to it. As far as strategy goes, it’s another skillset that we have available to us to use anytime we want to.”

Boy, he wants to.


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“I just hope they resolve it fairly quickly so he can get back to coaching.”

That didn’t take long.

Ohio State fans are planning a major rally for Coach Urban Meyer. They say they want to show him that they’re still behind him during an investigation over what he knew about domestic violence allegations against former coach Zach Smith.

Jeff Hamms, also known as “Tennessee Jeff”, of Myrtle Beach is organizing it and he is on his way to Columbus. He posted a video telling his thousands of Buckeye fans that he wants to hold a rally on campus to support the coach.

“A peaceful rally at Ohio State University for Coach Urban Meyer just because I thought, I was thinking there’s been so much negative press with Coach Meyer,” Hamms said on his Facebook page.

He’s been a longtime, passionate Buckeye fan for decades. Hamms said he got the ok from the university to hold it on campus and all fans are invited.

An okay from the university, eh?  What’s the over/under on the number of days before somebody campaigns for a statue to be erected on campus?


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Today, in actions speak louder

Maybe you heard that Zamir White has been medically cleared for practice.  As Kirby put it, “He’s not going to be limited in any way.”

That, of course, led to the inevitable comparison with Nick Chubb’s recovery.  ($$)

“It reminded me of Nick, the way he attacked it,” Nauta said. “Zamir’s the same type of guy, quieter, just went to work, got his knee right, and really got healthy quick. He’s cleared, he’s been running around, cutting. He looks pretty good.”

“Quieter”?  The only way White could be quieter than Chubb is if he were a mute.  LOL.


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