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Today, in understated observations

Yeah, this.

The last time Georgia lost this many starters off its defense — between the 2012 and 2013 season — the defense dropped from 18th in the nation in scoring defense to 79th.

The Bulldogs have a great deal more talent now than then, and one could argue a better coordinator with an established professional like Tucker.

One could argue, indeed.

Or maybe not…



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Notes from a prior August

While I was hunting down that quote from Danielson that appears in my previous post, I came across a couple of other things from a year ago I thought were worth sharing again.


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Ask Jim Chaney about Jake Fromm.

A question he didn’t want

Georgia offensive coordinator Jim Chaney said he “hates the stuff” of quarterback comparisons, like the one he was asked to make on Saturday between Jake Fromm and Drew Bree’s…

Brees set two NCAA records and 13 Big Ten records during his time quarterbacking for Chaney at Purdue, so the Fromm comparisons might indeed be premature.

But Chaney acknowledged the quarterbacks do share key similarities.

“What are the commonalities, let’s just talk about that,” Chaney said. “They both have great, high, FBI — Football Intellect — they get it, they understand. They both affect other players in a very positive way, that’s two commonalities.”

Chaney pointed out “they both have proven they can win football games” as well.

“After that, the differences, I don’t want to touch on,” Chaney said.

And a question he welcomed.

After receiving multiple questions about Fields, Chaney was happy to answer a query about Fromm’s improvement from a year ago.

“He’s more confident with the X’s and O’s, and there is no question about that,” Chaney said. “He’s got that year under him, and he had a fantastic year. Jake’s personality has always been Jake. Even last year, when he was a freshman, he was still Jake. He’s an outgoing guy, and he likes to talk to his teammates.

“He played 900-something snaps of football last year. That’s hard to overlook. He’s a good football player.”

I sense a certain difference in tone between the way Chaney talks about this year’s quarterback competition and the way the coaches spoke about last year’s.  Some of that’s probably due to an overall higher comfort level than existed in August of 2017.  But some of that’s due to how much Fromm accomplished last season.  And some of it’s due to Fields’ insanely high athletic talent.

Prediction:  Jim Chaney’s got a lot more quarterback questions ahead of him.


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“… it becomes more about what they can give you instead of what (the athlete) can give to the program.”

Three years into cost of attendance stipends, and the real world results are pretty much what you’d expect — including that college football as we know it hasn’t crashed and burned.

Of course, seeing that the total COA expense at every school researched in the article is less than what those schools pay their head football coaches, it shouldn’t have.

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“Those are really the only four games that can be deemed testing.”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Mark Bradley just dissed Georgia Tech.


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Toss a rock in Urban Meyer’s pond…

… and you get Steve Addazio ripples.

The former Ohio State assistant football coach who was fired last month after revelations of domestic violence against his ex-wife once had professional ties to Boston College coach Steve Addazio and athletic director Martin Jarmond.

In the wake of Ohio State firing assistant coach Zach Smith in July and placing head coach Urban Meyer on administrative leave, Adazzio and Jarmond each issued statements Saturday.

Smith was on the same coaching staff under Urban Meyer at the University of Florida and was also an assistant on Addazio’s staff at Temple in 2011.

“While an assistant coach at Florida in 2009, I was aware that there was an issue in the personal life of Zach and Courtney Smith,” Addazio stated. “I did not know specifics, and I knew the matter was in the hands of university personnel and that the couple was involved in counseling.

The media ain’t movin’ on from this for a while.  And there are more branches on that Meyer coaching tree…


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