Regrets? SOD’s had a few.

This is how you wind up discussing your team’s shower hygiene with the media.

Just ahead of the team opening fall camp though, it seems Dooley is doing some opening up himself. In an excellent Q&A with the St. Louis Dispatch, the always colorful coach discussed a number of topics like becoming an athletic director to working for Nick Saban to doing a job that he hasn’t done before. Perhaps the most notable parts of the piece are, as one might expect, Dooley reflecting on his time with the Vols however and he does not disappoint in talking about what went wrong in Knoxville.

“The difference was at Louisiana Tech everybody listened to me and did what I said. At Tennessee very few people listened to me and most of them did something different than what I said. That’s how it is at a lot of big places when you don’t come in empowered as “the guy.” you have to learn how to manage those environments,” said Dooley. “That’s what frustrated me. You can’t even compare the two. You had a lot of division going on between (Phil) Fulmer, (Lane) Kiffin and fans. There was a lot of division on campus. It was a different environment, and I didn’t see it that way but should have.”

The truly befuddling part isn’t that Dooley didn’t see it coming, but that Mike Hamilton thought it was a good move to hire Dooley in the first place, seventh choice or not.

On the other hand, “Dooley did add that his three years at Tennessee were a “humbling” experience and has made him a better coach.”  So Missouri’s got that going for them.



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13 responses to “Regrets? SOD’s had a few.

  1. Bulldog Joe

    Fulmer? Meddling? Say it ain’t so!


  2. Biggus Rickus

    It’s a shame they didn’t listen to him at Tennessee. He could have maybe gone 17-20, as he did at LA Tech, instead of 15 – 21.


  3. Bright Idea

    This reads like his biggest mistake was taking La Tech job sight unseen just to be a head coach. That led to UT and he’s been fighting for credibility since.


  4. paul

    Somewhat surprisingly, Derek sounds like a pretty normal, decent sort of guy. Although I’m not sure why I didn’t expect that.


    • stoopnagle

      We bang on him, but the guy went to UVA and UGA law. He’s not dumb.

      Plus, his dad. Seems like he would have gotten solid advice if he asked and his jump to La Tech probably wasn’t seen in his circles as that different than the freshman team coach at Auburn going to HC at UGA.


      • Mayor

        I believe SOD about UT. I’m certain they didn’t buy in to what he was saying–the administration, the players, the alumni or the fans. The place was, and is, a toxic environment. Pruitt is going to have a hard time there particularly if Fulmer reverts to the meddling SOB he has been in the past or has a secret agenda (like wanting Pruitt to fail so he, Fulmer, can take over as HC again).


  5. One lives and learns. Even if his Dad had clued him in on what to expect, one does not know, until actually hit in the head with it. Good luck to him.


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    If nothing else, the guy has an ability to land high paying gigs. Not sure wtf Odom was thinking with this hire, but you can see the crash & burn coming a mile away. Funny thing is SOD will probably end up landing on his feet somewhere yet again.


    • Mayor

      SOD has career assistant written all over him. He won’t ever have a problem getting jobs in football because of his daddy’s connections.


  7. South FL Dawg

    At least Dooley Jr came across as a level-headed person in that article. Kiffin Jr on the other hand keeps on being a jerk.


  8. Macallanlover

    Doubt he would have survived there long anyway but I think his assessment of the environment in Knoxville is dead-on, they are a might clannish on Rocky Top.

    Wonder if Babs has her Black and Gold outfits back from the designers yet?