Casting a wide net

Boy, is this a sea change in Georgia’s recruiting.

Miami is fourth there, so to some extent Mark Richt is always gonna Mark Richt.

But as far as Georgia goes, think about what kind of resources you have to marshal in order to make 272 offers (24 more than Alabama!) that are properly researched — and seeing as this is Kirby Smart we’re talking about here, you can be damned sure every one of ’em has been properly researched.  There’s a lot of work, a lot of people and a lot of money that has to go into making that click.

Not to mention a guy in charge who knows how to direct traffic.


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  1. Bright Idea

    There also must be lots of contingencies and “ifs” to keep up with built into 272 offers.


    • dawgtired

      Yes. They may be ‘researched’ but if a 5 star commits after a 3 star – and the roster is full, we may ask the 3 star to reconsider his options 😉


  2. Normaltown Mike

    That’s interesting. My brother-in-law was a highly recruited track athlete and dreamed of a Stanford offer but never received one. He said that Stanford was known as the most stingy of top-flight programs.

    I used to make fun of him but now I guess I should cut him some slack.

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  3. Cousin Eddie

    I see the nerds are pretty high in the number of offers, higher than Da U, Clempson and Crab legs U, regardless of the “high standards” they claim to have.

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    69 to 401, that’s quite a spread. Obviously Stanford knows who they want..


  5. Biggen

    Miami was boasting about how they are the “Top 5” on that chart and they only go after whom they want the other day on one of their recruiting forums.

    My argument is that you don’t want to be in the “Top 5”. Miami will be staring down the barrel of depth issues like UGA did for years if they never sign a full contingent of scholarship players year after year. CMR didn’t offer early and he didn’t offer often. History is repeating itself.

    Our 77 – 80 scholarship players days are behind us hopefully.


  6. CB

    Something about offering more than ten times as many scholarships as you have spots available seems off.


  7. Whiskeydawg

    IMO, “a guy in charge who knows how to direct traffic” – is an attribute you can’t teach; the organization and management of people. You can take classes, study under skilled people, but you won’t Excel at it unless you posses the intangibles or instincts for management.


  8. W Cobb Dawg

    I’m skeptical. You’re telling me we offered 272 kids and only 17 have verbally committed? Two-hundred-fifty-five are holding out for something better?! Sorry, but I’d find it more believable it if they said we made something like 40 or 50 “real” offers.

    I’d also add that Kirby seems to land a high percentage of the guys he targets. He’s not the kind that throws ship on the wall to see what sticks. So I’m calling Garbin’s spreadsheet b.s.


    • I think our offers are probably in 4 categories:
      (1) The ball is completely in your court, you always have a spot. (elite)
      (2) You better commit before December 20th and sign ON THAT DATE or we can’t guarantee your spot.
      (3) Talk to us on December 21st.
      (4) Talk to us on the first Tuesday night in February.


      • And as more elite guys in category (1) commit with little doubt about where they will sign on 12/20, the best guys originally in category (2) will feel the pressure of scarcity to sign. In fact, the spots available after early signing become space for late game poaching from rivals and then, on the eve of the formal signing day, maybe 1 or 2 Three Star warriors get their dream.


    • Biggen

      I’ve also heard through the grapevine that most colleges offer in the 100 – 200s so I think that is correct. An offer doesn’t really mean anything.

      You cast a big net and then only accept the ones you really want.


    • lakedawg

      For sure Kirby not really offering 272 kids, particularly since we sitting at 67 on scholarship as of today. Going to be interesting to see who leaves if Dawgs get up to over 20 commits.


  9. UGA '13

    Of note, only Oklahoma (4th, 140) and Texas (10th, 123) have classes ranked in the top 15 (247 Composite) with under 150 offers out. It’s also interesting that all of the Big XII schools in the Texas/Oklahoma region have around 150 offers out, while Iowa State and West Virginia are both over 200.


  10. jhorne2000

    Does anyone have any insight on what the mechanics are of one of these offers? I’m curious how they are worded and how they are received by the players. It befuddles me how you can offer 270 kids a spot knowing you only have 25 spots.


    • Because they know lots of kids just like to collect offers like badges of honor. They can’t truly commit until December. If things go a certain way the coach can always retract the offer.

      Half the battle is just not “Dissing” a kid. One of the problems with Mark Richt’s approach (Admirable or not) is that some kids just see it as disrespect or not showing them love. “Georgia didnt offer me til last summer. Bama was in my kitchen in the 8th grade”