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Take out take

One of the genius’ most endearing traits is blaming his defensive coordinator for Tech’s failings whenever it’s convenient.  Here’s the latest example of something he’s bitched about since last November:

The Jackets were insufficient when it came to building on leads on offense and protecting leads on defense (particularly at the ends of both halves).

“I think that hurt more than anything with us,” linebacker Victor Alexander said. “Just to know how close that was for us.”

The details seem seared into coach Paul Johnson’s memory. At the media day, he didn’t need prompting to revisit the season-ending loss to Georgia at Bobby Dodd Stadium, a 38-7 loss.

“We take the ball and run out eight minutes in the second quarter (actually, 6:17) and score to make it 14-7 at half, but with less than a minute to go, they come back and score right before half and take the momentum,” Johnson said. “Those things just take you out of games.”

You know what else takes you out of games?  Watching your defense hold Georgia to a three-and-out to start the second half in a 17-7 contest… and then have your vaunted triple option attack lose seven yards on a three-and-out series to give the ball right back.

226 yards of total offense for Georgia Tech that day, the lowest output of the season.  But it was the defense giving up a field goal before the end of first half that took the Jackets out of the game.

Funny how the mind plays tricks like that sometimes.



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Whatever happened to…?

In case you’re wondering, it seems Cameron Nizialek will be booting the ol’ pigskin for the Evil Genius in the AAF this coming season.

Maybe that’s why he has Columbia listed as his college instead of Georgia.

For the record, I don’t see any kids there listing Georgia as their college.  At least Shaq Wiggins has the sense not to list Tennessee as his, though.


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