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Sliding down amateurism’s slippery slope

This just dropped from the NCAA:

So did this.

Nothing says amateur like hiring an agent.

It’s not everything these kids should get — still nothing on payment for NLI — but it’s a step in the right direction from the status quo.  Only for basketball players, though.


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Fishing in a better stocked pond

In today’s Mailbag ($$), Stewart Mandel makes a good point about Kirby’s impressive recruiting success in comparison to what came before:

As for Georgia as a sleeping giant, it’s worth noting that the talent pool in its state has noticeably risen over the past decade-plus, mirroring Atlanta’s dramatic population growth. In 2008, the state of Georgia produced 24 players rated four-stars or higher on 247Sports. There are currently 40 in the class of 2019. While there are inevitable ups and downs in any state from one year to the next, that’s a pretty dramatic shift. And it helps explain why Smart is in better position to put together Alabama-esque classes than any Georgia coach before him.

Sure, you still have to get out there and land them.  Still, it’s nice to be the in state program where the state is cranking out more and more studs every year.

How much worse does this make Paul Johnson’s recruiting look, by the way?


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“In the fastball world we live in, you better get guys in and out of the game.”

This is what superior depth gets you.

“I’m in a defensive line room where every single player can play all four positions,” said Rochester, a junior defensive tackle. “We try to stay in the best shape we can and let coach Scott (Sinclair) handle it.”

Sinclair, Georgia’s strength and conditioning coach, works to ensure Georgia’s linemen fit the desired mold of head coach Kirby Smart — in the weight range of 295 to 305 pounds and to possess speed.

Then, Sinclair carries the trust over to the practice field.

Georgia has 13 defensive linemen on its preseason camp roster, despite losing two veteran assets in John Atkins and Trenton Thompson after last season.

Whether hitting against live competition or dummies in practice, a group of three didn’t see more than two consecutive plays. Sinclair carries a systematic balance between aggressiveness and rest — regardless of the situation.

“Good, good, good,” Sinclair yelled during Tuesday’s practice at the indoor practice facility, sometimes giving distinct advice to a certain player. “Now get out of here.”

Smart envisions eight to nine different players rotating on the defensive line this season and is unsure who will fill out the group aside from the returning core (including Rochester, Tyler Clark, Jonathan Ledbetter and Jay Hayes). He carries the belief that a successful defensive front has to “play a lot of guys” due to players becoming worn down, and Georgia has the assets to do so.

Get after those assets.

How many teams will Georgia face this season that can match the Dawgs in the trenches?  And when’s the last time Georgia was set like that?


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I know you are, but what am I?

This story would have been a lot funnier if it had been Connecticut trying to pull out of its home-and-home deal with Tennessee because the Vols are “a less appealing opponent… than they would have been a decade ago”.

It also would have had the added virtue of being true.


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When life throws you a hanging curve…

you’ve got to turn on the mother.

Zach Smith’s annual base salary only increased $6,600 – by far the lowest annual raise of his career – following the 2015 season, the year he was investigated for domestic violence and felonious assault against Courtney Smith.

The $6,600 increase was the lowest in his six-year career at Ohio State, according to documents provided by the school.

By contrast, he received his largest raises of his career the season before the domestic violence investigations – $50,000 before the 2015 season – and also the year after the investigations – $73,400 before the 2017 season…

According to university documents, Zach Smith’s 2017 staff performance review, under overall comments it lists “Positive:” and “Work on:”

Under “Work on,” the fifth item is “Personal Matters”

It is the only reference to any non-football related items on Smith’s staff performance review.  [Emphasis added.]

Probably a mere coincidence.  Just ask Corch.

I wonder what’s coming next.


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Nike is back for our wallets.

This year’s model (h/t Justin):


It’s red!  It’s got black splatters! It’s $110!  Did I mention it’s red?


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Musical palate cleanser, such a dirty mind edition

Straight from the comments to today’s MPC, it’s The Knack and “My Sharona”.

You get the impression these guys didn’t take themselves too seriously.


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