I know you are, but what am I?

This story would have been a lot funnier if it had been Connecticut trying to pull out of its home-and-home deal with Tennessee because the Vols are “a less appealing opponent… than they would have been a decade ago”.

It also would have had the added virtue of being true.


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  1. Bulldog Joe


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  2. 81Dog

    Hard to believe the Vols would pass up an opportunity to play at the second most historic sports venue in Hartford, Connecticut. Maybe Geno refused to allow them a chance to tour the women’s practice facility and trophy room. That would be a deal breaker, I guess. It’s a shame Vol fans will miss the chance to see highlights of UConn women beating the Lady Vols in hoops on the jumbotron sprinkled throughout the game.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    It’s funny enough to think Tennessee is backing out because UConn isn’t the cupcake they thought.


  4. ugafidelis

    UConn a less appealing opponent??? Methinks the writer hasn’t done much research on SEC non-conference scheduling.


  5. watcher16

    So UConn wants to give up a cool million for a UTenn breach of contract and instead is willing to travel to UTenn with no return for only $300K? I guess they value the exposure they could get from that game at more than $700K


  6. tbia

    I know Tennessee is not thinking of it this way, but I would convince UConn to play their home game in New York City and recruit like hell promising a trip to the big apple


  7. Comin' Down The Track

    File under: If You’re Scared Say You’re Scared


  8. CPark58

    (To the Nationwide jingle)
    “UConn might just kick our ass”