When life throws you a hanging curve…

you’ve got to turn on the mother.

Zach Smith’s annual base salary only increased $6,600 – by far the lowest annual raise of his career – following the 2015 season, the year he was investigated for domestic violence and felonious assault against Courtney Smith.

The $6,600 increase was the lowest in his six-year career at Ohio State, according to documents provided by the school.

By contrast, he received his largest raises of his career the season before the domestic violence investigations – $50,000 before the 2015 season – and also the year after the investigations – $73,400 before the 2017 season…

According to university documents, Zach Smith’s 2017 staff performance review, under overall comments it lists “Positive:” and “Work on:”

Under “Work on,” the fifth item is “Personal Matters”

It is the only reference to any non-football related items on Smith’s staff performance review.  [Emphasis added.]

Probably a mere coincidence.  Just ask Corch.

I wonder what’s coming next.



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44 responses to “When life throws you a hanging curve…

  1. Dolly Llama

    So individual performance reviews are public records at OSU?


  2. BMan

    Brett McMurphy is going after this thing like a dog goes after a sock under the couch. It’s fantastic.

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    • Macallanlover

      And it will remain an subject mentioned in stories about the school until they break ties with him. This is why I said too many are focused on the legal side of this scandal, it is the PR disaster effect that will remain a black cloud over them for years that should make this an easy decision for them. It isn’t just the unsophisticated fans who have their priorities out of line, the decision should have been made by this point, indicating they are acting concerned about the football consequences. Those are the most manageable, and will have a short term impact. And whatever the buyout will be, it is a drop in the bucket for an institution with their resources. Cut ties and move forward, the stench is building.


      • JCDAWG83

        If Meyer can hang on until the season begins, this thing will blow over completely. The fans know what type of person he is and they love him and want him to stay. The admin knew what they were hiring and they want him to stay. If OSU is 5-0 come the first of October there is no way Meyer is fired. If they are 3-2, the “investigation” may find a reason to fire him.

        I don’t think he’s going anywhere.


        • RG

          I agree. He’s not going anywhere.


        • Biggus Rickus

          This isn’t blowing over as a national story. Buckeye fans already don’t care, but OSU’s program is going to be under a microscope if he’s still working there.


        • BMan

          JCDawg, I’m inclined to agree with you. It’s hard to shame an athletic program to clean up its house that literally named their house after Woody Hayes.


        • Anonymous

          this thing will blow over completely

          Recruiting is the lifeblood of a program. Many times, in order to win a recruit, you have to win over Momma. Momma is likely to be highly susceptible to the “I don’t know how that staff will make sure your son grows into a being a responsible man. They have a history of protecting woman-beaters, and I am afraid they will people people around that will be a bad influence on your son.”. Crap like this is how you go from perennial playoff participant to third in your division.


      • Whiskeydawg

        I’m a toss up on letting him go. I did my undergrad degree at Georgia, so I would love to see Urban tossed and Georgia pick up some recruits. On the other hand, I have a masters from, Ohio University – sued years ago by tOSU because they wanted to use the moniker, “Ohio” and be recognized as the official university in the state of, Ohio. Ignoring the fact that, Ohio University was 70 miles down the road in, Athens (not nearly as cool as Dawgtown Athens). When they lost, they went with “THE” Ohio State University crap. Bobcats lovin’ this as much as the Dawgs!


  3. Yeah…. Paper Trails and the Digital World will bite a liar in the A$$ every time. They will do their best to save him; but I think Ol’ Urban will be coaching in the NFL next year…


  4. Brandon

    Ouch, that’s pretty damaging.


  5. Bulldog Joe

    “…Gradulate Corch Urban Liar…”

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  6. Uglydawg

    Trying to peek into the future here…If OSU fires UM, would they actually try to hire a coach from another school this early in the year? What coach would leave his team right as the season is starting?? I know..money talks, but crap..what an ugly thing that would be.
    Or maybe they’ll go with an interim..but who would that be? I doubt it would be an assistant but who else would be close enough to the players, schemes, etc.? If I were making the call, I’d go with the most senior assistant coach left standing after the smoke clears.
    And who will they eventually try to hire? Will this set off another round of musical coaching chairs?
    OSU is in a mess. It’s going to take some careful steps and a lot of luck to avoid a disaster. Personally, I gloat not over their plight…but I weep not either..mostly I am just curious to see how this goes. It’s like watching train wreck in slow motion.


    • Doug

      When they forced out Jim Tressel back in May of 2011, they made Luke Fickell the interim coach for the 2011 season. He went 6–7, tOSU said “Thanks, we’re gonna hire a real coach now,” they hired Urbz and moved Fickell back to DC, and the Buckeyes went 12–0 the following year (though were barred from the postseason due to the scandal that prompted Tressel’s ouster).

      All this is to say that if tOSU goes ahead and bounces Meyer, they probably make someone like Ryan Day the interim for 2018, and based on his final record, either promote him to full-time HC or hire an established guy. Either way, I don’t see the football program suffering for very long, as much as some parts of it might deserve to.


      • Exactly so. Ryan Day was named as interim because (unlike the coordinators Wilson or Schiano) he probably doesn’t harbor any illusions about being named permanent head coach no matter how the season goes…if OSU fires Meyer (they won’t).


  7. Brett McMurphy is basically walking off with the prom queen after being ignored for 4 years of high school.


  8. ApalachDawg

    I keep hearing – “If Urban keeps his job with his defense of “I followed all the proper protocols”, then he will probably be suspended.”
    My question is – if he followed all the protocols then why is he being suspended?
    If he stays, I think it makes osu look even worse if they suspend him.
    The perception for osu would be – we know he protected/enabled a wife beater, but he followed all the right protocols(we still don’t know what those protocols are?) however he lied to the media so we will suspend him for two games.
    Got it?



  9. I’d like yalls opinion on this timeline. Are there any 2014 things to be added to this (did the 2014 abuse pics come out to anybody in real time) ? One thing that troubles me in totally condemning Myer is the June 6, 2015 separation that occurs before anything happens in Columbus. If my wife and I have a couple friend with serious issues, the moment they separate my mind is getting a modicum of relief. (thank God THATS over) Obviously problems still continued…….but is there a difference in what Urban meyer is or is not compelled to do depending upon whether these people are still living together ?


    • How ’bout just condemning Meyer for being a lying sack of shit at Big Ten media days? Is that okay?


      • Tony Barnfart

        Ok, Urban Meyer is a lying sack of shit. Man, those bruises he didn’t give Courtney Smith, a non-student, non-faculty, non-employee, separated estranged spouse are all gone ! The world is a better place now that we found our high profile scalp. Quick, what’s the actual abuser’s first name again ? Fuck it, doesn’t matter.


        • Seriously, what’s your problem here? Even Meyer admitted that he knew about the 2009 and 2015 incidents. How many bites at the apple do you think he should give Zach Smith?


          • Truthfully, I enjoy constructive debate. I see your points. To me, bringing him on at Ohio State after knowing what they knew in Gainesville is the most damning. Can I honestly see how Urban Meyer could sit there in 2015 and ask himself “WTF am I supposed to do here?” Yes, I could. Especially if he knew it was in law enforcements hands.

            You’re sitting there being a football coach, you probably think the problem is behind you because the couple is separated and moving towards divorce, then something crops up….but the cops are involved too. Maybe somebody will write the HR manual on this, but it hasn’t been written yet.

            Could I see corruption between law enforcement and school ? God I hope not, but it probably wouldn’t be a first.


            • Can I honestly see how Urban Meyer could sit there in 2015 and ask himself “WTF am I supposed to do here?” Yes, I could. Especially if he knew it was in law enforcements hands.

              With all due respect, if I’m Urban Meyer, that’s not the question I’d be asking.

              “WTF happens if there’s a next time and he really goes over the line?” is the question I’d be asking.


        • Great points….Urbz is the ACTUAL victim here.

          And, it’s the rest of us that don’t give a shit about the domestic violence victim. You’d probably want to really help her by sending her back to Coach Urban and his cadre for more “counseling.”

          Do you realize how ridiculous you sound?


          • Do you get on the internet to prove that you are more virtuous than the other posters on a topic ? Wow, what fun ! An echo chamber where we all nod in agreement. Heaven forbid somebody play devil’s advocate on a topic and we all use our brain………why waste your time on something that engenders zero debate and is completely settled ?


            • Oh, you should have told me you were role playing Urban Meyer’s defense attorney. Then I’d fully appreciate where you were coming from. I absolutely know how that game works.

              I’m sorry, should I apologize for being on the opposing “virtuous” side in this case? You did admit that you’re playing the devil’s advocate here….pretty on-the-nose description.


        • He knew the guy had a problem at UF. Corch should have never rehired the guy in Columbus and should have fired him immediately when his personal problems came up again.


  10. How about the Powell police chief release all the incident report(s) from Zach Smith’s 2015 arrest….”Oops, sorry, I mean we changed it to non-arrest.” Good grief, talk about looking like you’re hiding something. They’re withholding the report in this case because of the concern that the “uncharged suspect” could be identified? And apparently there were two separate reports on the same incident? Not suspicious at all.

    And the one thing that they were forced to release, the cover page of the report, was changed from “arrest” to “non-arrest” because of a clerical “mistake.” Uh huh.

    Ask the DA or whoever was in charge of the case, why no charges or official arrest even though the city now states that after the 2015 incident “the suspect was investigated and believed to have committed an offense.”

    Oh, and finally ask the Powell police chief and the DA if they’ve ever talked to Urban Meyer…..officially or unofficially.


    • ChiliDawg

      Yeah, funny how all the excuses of “the police didn’t charge him!” never seem to acknowledge that the police are just as likely to be involved in covering it up as Meyer. Not like we have examples of corruption and bias in law enforcement or anything….


  11. Napoleon BonerFart

    A $6,600 raise? That should teach him!

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    • I thought the same thing. FFS, they have really screwed the pooch on this one.


      • Ricky McDurden

        Which is the reason I’m amazed that people are actually stating with seriousness “he followed protocol! Urban did what he was supposed to do under the letter of the law and per university policy!” and expecting that to be enough. Shit, if you’re getting paid the money Urban and his fellow coaches are being paid, not only had you better be in the legal right but the moral right as well. Forgive me for expecting more out of the multi-millionaire face of a blue blood college athletics program.


        • And that’s the best case scenario! That’s if you choose to believe Urban Meyer–a dubious choice given his history in this and other matters!

          His intentionally vague defense is that he “always follows protocols and procedures,” without explaining what he actually did or what any such protocols might be. Such self-serving statements scream: “We’ll be further crafting the details later, after we get an administrative fall guy to play ball.”


        • Biggus Rickus

          There’s also the very real possibility he intervened on Smith’s behalf, something I consider more likely than simply possible. But i’m sure someone will accuse me of jumping to unfair conclusions.


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