Chomp, chomp? More like womp, womp.

After years and years of hearing Georgia hone its excuse making game, it’s more than a bit surreal for me to listen to what’s emanating from Gainesville these days.

The man is treading dangerously close to five-star hearts territory.  And he hasn’t even coached his first game yet.

Speaking selfishly, I could get used to this.


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25 responses to “Chomp, chomp? More like womp, womp.

  1. Puffdawg

    Sounds like Paul Johnson


  2. Awesome, please continue with that mindset and convince yourself that recruiting rankings don’t matter. Then proceed up to Lake Occone and relax while Smart and co. are out recruiting.


  3. South GA Dawg

    That was my first thought, another Boochy Boy in the east


  4. Borodawg

    Where was this picture taken? Looks like an indoor practice facility. If so, why all the wide brim hats?


  5. Five-star hearts…lol. Butch Jones should have trademarked that term. It will live forever and has become the gold standard of bad excuses for poor recruiting.


  6. Spike

    Brick by brick.. Hogtown edition!


  7. ChiliDawg

    The dynamic feels less like a flipped version of what used to be Georgia-Florida and more like the dynamic between Ole Miss and Alabama.


  8. The other Doug

    Rivals currently has UF’s class ranked 36th. That’s hard to do at the flagship University of a state with as much talent as Florida.


    • ChiliDawg

      Rivals is still a thing?


    • HirsuteDawg

      Here is to that being the “high water” mark for UF recruiting!


    • Macallanlover

      That is my take as well. There is certainly a plethora of schools competing for all that talent with viable in-state programs like FSU, and Miami, plus several more out of state schools invading that happy hunting ground, but how can you be that bad over multiple regimes? We can say that Boom was unlikable, McElwain lazy, etc., but this is a program that has competed for SEC titles for the past two decades. You have to wonder how you can slip this far so fast.

      I am not a big Mullen fan but he was a HC in the middle of the SEC West for many years, he had to have seen what worked, and what didn’t. If he is unable to have the natives in FU country believing a new day has dawned in his first year you have to think he has squandered the best chance he is going to have. Mullen inherited a talent gap with UGA, and has fallen even further behind, you can see why the fan base is panicking. In another 2 years at this rate, the GayTors will be in as deep a hole as TN has gotten themselves into. Couldn’t happen to a nicer group so I am thrilled about the prospect of watching this play out. Their cries of desperation is music to all our ears. Hand me another shovel, let’s bury all things orange!


    • DoubleDawg1318

      30th According to the 247 Composite which is my go-to. Their class is smaller than just about everyone ahead of them. I am thinking the quality of their class will heavily depend on this season’s performance (much like UGA’s ’18 class). Regardless I don’t see them as any better than 3rd in the East in this year’s class. That’s not going to cut it.


  9. SlobberKnocker

    God, that color combination is so offensive to the eyes. And I honestly stepped back to make sure I wasn’t seeing it from my Dawg perspective but, from an objective perspective. Those colors are simply awful together (although the orange is awful on its own).

    Oh, and recruit on Mr. Mullen.


  10. DawgByte

    The only thing missing from this picture is somebody wearing jean shorts!


    • Whiskeydawg

      Yes! Though when you get the cutoff jean shorts it’s usually with the whole kit; mullet, T-top Trans Am, wife beater t-shirt, a pack of Marlboros, and a matching pharmaceutically challenged common law spouse with questionable dental hygiene.


  11. CPark58

    I don’t even want to make fun of them. Just beat their ass EVERY.DAMN.TIME. until they impotently bitch about playing in Jacksonville as an unfair advantage to UGA.

    Then, after quietly and confidently bossing them time and time again to the point where they willingly hand over their lunch money and sit down to pee, burn their harvest crops and sow their fields with salt. Damn, I hate Florida.

    But be careful, Mullen has shown he isn’t above getting dirty in recruiting. Not paying players, everyone does that, but snitching on rivals that are getting too far ahead in recruiting.


  12. Just hoping he continue this way while he’s in Fu.. school of criminals.. oops criminology.


  13. HiAltDawg

    I refuse to apologize in advance for the indelicate nature of this post because basically I’m a horrible person: but that outfit looks like one of the easiest ways to go about contracting one of them venereal diseases during closing time on a Saturday Night at many a drinking establishment in Northern Florida.