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From Sports Illustrated“But to set the table for the 2018 college football season, we asked opposing coaches most familiar with the top 20 teams in SI’s preseason rankings for a more forthcoming breakdown of what makes each squad so good—and where each might be vulnerable.”

So?  Go on…


Since [coach] Kirby Smart took over two years ago their scheme has looked a lot like Smart’s former team’s—but after a few strong recruiting classes, now their personnel is starting to look like Alabama’s, too. When we studied all our opponents, they were, by far, the most physical team, on both offense and defense. … Facing their running game is like being in a boxing match with someone who has a big, strong right hand: You know it’s coming and you’ve got to take it. Center Lamont Gaillard is probably the best in college football. They lost two good running backs in Nick Chubb and Sony Michel so D’Andre Swift will have to shoulder the load, but he could be a star. …

Quarterback Jake Fromm is smart, efficient and doesn’t make mistakes. He’ll be challenged more this season because the run game won’t be quite as dominant, but he’ll have a weapon in wide receiver Riley Ridley. He’s going to get one-on-one coverage because teams will stack the box, so Fromm will have some big-play opportunities. … They’re sound defensively—they don’t blitz you and do all of that exotic stuff. They just line up and say, Let’s play football. You’ve got to go mix it up to beat them.

Wait… where’s the vulnerable part?



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46 responses to “Hubba hubba

  1. Puffdawg

    First: two names mentioned (Lamont and Riley) you wouldn’t exactly expect to be mentioned on the short list… that’s got to be a good thing right?

    Secondly, Riley is awesome. But he’s what, the fourth or fifth best receiver on the team right now? He’s getting some mileage out of that national title game. Hoping he’s ready to consistently put forth that kind of production.



    In other words, watch out. Kirby is on this thing.


  3. 202dawg

    I need a minute before I can stand up.


  4. Bright Idea

    Fake juice and foolin’ em now unnecessary.


  5. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Sounds good, but compared with some of the other teams, it also sounds realistic. [Clemson’s D line is so good the linebackers may never get touched? I’ll take that bet]. I really like the comment on Lamont; lots of coaches/analysts have been high on him. It’s a key position that somehow we fill pretty well from Ben Jones to Dave Andrews and now Lamont. Riley is getting props for the championship game, but also because he is Calvin’s brother; still, he’s a really good player. We’re going to score some points this year, and if the defense can hold serve with last year’s we’re going to win a bunch of games.


  6. Derek

    The vulnerability is where it will always be: if the other team has better WR’s than your corners and a QB who can throw dimes and/or a QB who can pick up 1st downs when the play breaks down you can have a long day.

    When you’ve got the corners we do that window becomes very, very narrow.

    Obviously, teams that can match your personnel across the LOS will be a challenge too, but that’s getting to be exclusive company.

    The biggest thing Kirby has to do is make sure these guy’s stay away from the “rat poison” and we’ll be fine vs. 98% of the teams out there if we keep recruiting like we are.


  7. So, basically, we are the cat’s meow.


  8. SlobberKnocker

    “they don’t blitz you and do all of that exotic stuff”

    That’s an interesting quote to me. I recall seeing twists on the d-line and blitzes from the LB’s and corner/star all last season. And they were often very effective. Does the comment mean we don’t do that as much as most teams? I can’t say I watch other teams schemes much except when they play us but, I sure didn’t have the feeling that other teams used blitz and stunt packages more than us.


    • Biggen

      I know I saw Roquan blitzing up the middle a couple time every game. Didn’t we also scoop and score on a corner blitz against FU?

      So I’m not sure what they are talking about.


      • Silver Creek Dawg

        I think they are saying our D can put consistent pressure on the QB without having to rely on blitzing every play.


        • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

          Agree. It’s not that we never blitz, but more that we do it infrequently enough that it is more effective when we send it.


      • Derek

        They often have an automatic LB blitz if the offense goes empty.

        So if the offense spreads 5 out and we have 6 DB’s to cover them and 4 DL, they’ll send the LB to either get a sack or hurry the throw.

        However, the basic idea of the defense is to defend the box, stop the run, make them throw and then cover. We’re far from blitz happy. Bringing a 5th and 6th rusher isn’t routine.

        We are more likely to confuse the QB than to just bring extra rushers with a blitz.


  9. ApalachDawg

    I’ve been dreaming since post 92 Goff for a preview like that

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  10. The telling part to me is the mention of how physical Georgia plays on both sides of the ball. This is recent. This is the kind of thing that takes time to implement; part of the “rebuilding” process. You just don’t get the guys all fired up and expect them to hit harder and win one-on-one battles in the games because you said so. It comes from conditioning, competition and grueling after day. Kirby caught a lot of flack that first year because there are a lot out there who don’t understand this and it’s cost, and thought he should have just automatically turned out 11 wins since the 2015 team had 10. No, rebuilding means tearing it down and having everyone relearn everything. The SEC East does not look foward to playing Kirby’s boys because Sunday morning, win or lose, they are gonna have a hard time getting out of the bed.


  11. John Denver is full of shit...

    Vulnerable in the job security department?


  12. ChiliDawg

    Our vulnerability is that we’re going to get everbody’s best shot


  13. Remember just a few short years ago when opposing players and coaches all said we were soft? I also remember certain recruits referring to UGA as a relaxed, ‘country club atmosphere ‘


  14. Uglydawg

    I’m not as enthralled with the “report” as everyone else seems to be. Somebody didn’t do much homework on this. “Hey, Joe, what’s Georgia’s returning running back’s name”?, “Just a minute, I’ll google’s Swift..he’s pretty good, but they lost that Chubb dude..oh yeah and the other guy..what’s his name…Sony…yeah..they’ll miss those two..that’s going to be a big hit on their run game”.
    That’s about how some of this research is done.
    Which led to this out-sight…
    “He’ll (Fromm) be more challenged this year because the running game won’t be as dominant”..
    My ass.
    The O line is going to be amazing and we have a hell of a lot more than just Swift to replace Chubb and Sony..although Swift WILL be a great one! .Georgia has a load of running backs that may be the greatest collection of running talent anywhere, ever.
    . Opposing cornerbacks and safeties are going to be having nightmares about Holyfield breaking through the LOS and bearing down on them.
    Not to take anything away from Chubb and Sony…they made this happen, but I’ll say that Fromm will have less challenges than last year, not more, and a lot better receiving corps to meet them. But Georgia’s going to pound that ball down some throats.


    • Uglydawg I missed all the positive stuff and focused on one negative statement. Mostly because the rebuilding of the O line is monumental and the running backs are a stable of studs.
      But hell, they didn’t even mention Rodrigo either. Maybe we’ll never need a FG attempt.


    • We do need a tall possession reciever though.


    • ugafidelis

      I’m with you man. In the Althon article about our O-line, there’s a link and they have us at 7th in running backs. Those other 6 must have Triple Crown winners because we’ve got a stable full of hosses.


  15. W Cobb Dawg

    “He’ll (Fromm will) be challenged more this season because the run game won’t be quite as dominant…”

    I strongly doubt Fromm will be “challenged more”. As a true freshman he QB’d the team all the way to OT in the championship game.

    We’ve got three 4-star RBs, a 5-star RB, and an veteran 3-star RB, along with 4 returning OL starters. The running game will be “dominant” and explosive.


  16. Hal Welch

    Ain’t one…


  17. Remember the Quincy

    Interesting text from observations about Miami: “You’d like to see Richt and the staff make more adjustments too…”

    Some things don’t change, I suppose.


  18. kckd

    I think we’re gonna pass more because we can. Better pass blocking from the oline and a qb that has more of an idea of what he’s doing. Jake’s ability to make us balanced near the end of the season was a good bit better than early and mid season. When Chaney saw a weak secondary he could take advantage of (Mizzou), he used it to help Fromm gain more confidence. I’ve heard Fromm has some more zip on his passes for this season and is in better overall shape.


  19. If the line improves over its outstanding performance last year, I have no worries about our running game. Sony & Nick were incredible talents, but Swift may have better physical tools than either of them. Holyfield and Herrien know what they’re doing. If White and Cook develop, they’re going to get carries as well.

    The running game isn’t going anywhere.


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