Musical palate cleanser, triple option edition

Going to one of the shows of my dreams tonight — a three-biller at Chastain with Steve Earle, Lucinda Williams and Dwight Yoakam.  Tale about your potential sensory overload.

I’ve posted stuff from the two gentlemen before, so let’s give Lucinda her day in the MPC sun.  This is one that cuts my heart every time I listen to it, from her album of the same name, the achingly beautiful “Sweet Old World”.



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20 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, triple option edition

  1. Got Cowdog

    It’ll be a bit before I can listen to this one. My Lucinda favorite? “Can’t let go”.


  2. bulldogbry

    Still on every playlist I make – Lucinda’s “Lines Around Your Eyes”.

    That’s gonna be one hell of a show.


  3. paul

    Car wheels on a gravel road became one of my favorite albums of all time the first time I listened to it. I just seems to get better as I get older.


  4. Mary Kate Danaher

    I’ll be there as well, Senator. All three are tremendous.


  5. 202dawg

    Favorite Lucinda tune is a toss up for me. Either Lake Charles, Drunken Angel, or Sweet Side. The woman knows how to write and execute heart break, that’s for damn sure. Enjoy!


  6. ilini84

    Little Angel Little Brother.


  7. Skydawg

    2 cool 2 be 4gotten is always one of my go t Lucinda tunes.

    If you’re lucky they’ll all play some Merle or Buck together.



  8. Clayton Davis

    I saw the LSD tour when it came to Kansas City in June. Fantastic show. All 3 of them were incredible in their own way.


  9. Silver Creek Dawg

    Dwight can be hit or miss. Saw him in an intimate setting (Cowboys in Kennesaw) and he acted like he was pissed he had to do the show. No energy, looked like he would rather be anywhere else, etc. Then I saw him open for Eric Church at Gwinnett Arena and he was arguably better than the headliner (and those of you who have seen Church live know he puts on a whale of a show).


    • Clayton Davis

      This is what my wife prepared me for. She saw Dwight awhile back where he didn’t move from one spot the whole concert, and his hat was pulled down so low that she couldn’t see his face, even from the second row.

      So I was a bit surprised when he came out in June and proceeded to dance the entire set, including a backwards mock drunken stumble during the guitar solo of “The Bottle Let Me Down”.


  10. doofusdawg

    I smile every time I see one of your morning buffets. Don’t know if you read David Hookstead at Daily Caller. He’e a big college football fan and a Wisconsin homer. Would link but don’t know how… today’s article(video) is worth a look.


  11. diving duck

    Thanks for the heads up. I work right around the corner might have to look into this one.


  12. Morris Day

    Enjoy the show! First saw Dwight at Center Stage July 1987. Have seen him 9-10 times since. Saw him at Chastain in July 1999, I think the heat that summer night was when my old ass swore off outdoor concerts!

    What time is it?


  13. Saw Lucinda Williams when she was first starting out. Was a very good show and got to sit way up front.


  14. Lrgk9

    If you haven’t heard it – get angry and listen to her “You took my Joy; I Want It Back!”

    Whew – a train speeding down a mountain track


  15. NCDawg

    Love Lucinda. Righteously.


  16. Ed Kilgore

    Didn’t get around to GTP until late today, but wanted to report I have been blessed with seeing Lucinda at two amazing venues: the Fillmore in SF, and the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur. This latter venue, in a redwood forest, was especially incredible. I hope Doug Pettibone is playing with Lucinda at Chastain. He’s so perfect with her.