Okay, a real MPC

Dwight, Steve and Lucinda closed the show with this last night.

Great, great show.



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17 responses to “Okay, a real MPC

  1. Fried Biscuits

    Dwight is my favorite. His acoustic album is awesome.


  2. LakeOconeeDawg

    How awesome is it that Dwight is rehearsing just as if he was performing in front of a crowd. He was into it!


  3. sectionzalum

    pretty awesome


  4. The Tick

    (back in the day)
    Rolling Stone: “Why do you sing through your nose?”
    Dwight: “I don’t know. Why don’t you go dig up Hank Williams and ask him why he sang through his nose?”

    Dim Lights was a great Gram Parsons song.

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  5. Spike

    Dwight rocks! Always has!!


  6. stoopnagle

    If you’ve not listened to “Cocaine and Rhinestones” podcast, then you should do that.



    Caught in a Trap!


  8. Whiskeydawg

    Dwight’s one of my all time favorites.


  9. That’s sort of the New Highwaymenwoman. Who would you nominate for the 4th member? John Doe or Lyle Lovett?


    • Idlewild Dawg

      4th member Buddy Miller or Emmylou. Dwight opened w ‘Little Queenie’ Nov2 @ Macon City Auditorium. Yoakam put on an excellent show, very tight (& sharply dressed) band.


  10. JAX

    That’s good shit.


  11. Mike Cooley

    Hipster Country for the win!


  12. JasonC

    When the guitar started off with that dooga-doon-doon-doon strum I thought it was gonna be a Johnny Cash song for sure. And I agree with LakeO Dawg that it was cool to Dwight into it so much while rehearsing in a dressing room. And I found it mildly amusing to see the 3 starts all casual with the rest of the band in their sparkled mariachi best.


  13. I could listen to Dwight sing the menu at Denny’s; thankfully hasn’t changed a whole lot over the years.


  14. Uglydawg

    Posting this at mid-day on Saturday so no one will likely see it..but if you do, check out the great instrumentals in the middle of this. It’s really, really good. I can see why DY wanted to do this one.


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