Satisfactory explosiveness

Seth Emerson has an interesting quote ($$) from Jim Chaney:

… When the Georgia offensive coordinator was asked about generating more explosive plays, he cited last year’s stats: “Run game is 12 yards or more (to be considered explosive). Pass game is 16 yards or more. We were 1 out of 6.7 plays in explosive last year, if I remember right. That’s not bad. That’s pretty good for me.”

You know me — that’s the kind of thing that gets me digging a little at  Unfortunately, I can’t quite get the numbers to align with Chaney’s metrics, but, still, here’s my dive:

That works out to one of roughly 4.5 plays going for ten or more yards and one of about every 7.5 plays for 20 or more yards.

For shits and giggles, a comparison to last year’s gold standard, Oklahoma, shows the Sooners hitting 10 or more yards once out of about 3.5 plays and one out of about every 8.5 plays going for 20 or more yards.

In other words, Mr. Chaney’s entitled to feel pleased.



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20 responses to “Satisfactory explosiveness

  1. sniffer

    With the 670/305 run/pass split, I’d say we had some good running backs (meter!) So will ‘18 be closer to 550/350? Is that balanced?


  2. truck

    Crayon box haz an explode.


  3. ApalachDawg

    I’m glad we didn’t run Chaney out of town after Nichols st debacle.
    Was it Chaney?
    Was it Eason?
    Was it Fromm?
    Was it a healthier Chubb?
    All I know is that we are kicking ass


    • Brandon M

      I think it was mostly Eason. Nothing against the kid… but he performed as you would expect a true frosh to perform in 2016. No real leadership, confidence, or ownership of the team. The offense sputtered more often than not as a result even though the kid has all the arm talent in the world. Makes what Fromm was able to do last year that much more impressive.


      • diving duck

        Fromm didn’t have a 6’2 Rhode Island transfer playing left tackle.


        • Reinmart

          And his leading WR wasn’t a 5’6 punt returner. And 3 of his next top 5 WRs weren’t true freshmen.


        • Reinmart

          Agree. And Fromm’s leading WR wasn’t a 5’6″ punt returner. And 3 out of his top 5 WRs weren’t true FR.


        • 81Dog

          and Fromm had played for years against a much higher level of HS comptetition. I’m sure the game is faster in the SEC than it was for Fromm in HS, but I’m also sure the athleticism and speed and power he saw in HS was a lot better than what Eason saw in Washington HS ball. That isn’t a knock on Eason, who I think would have been much improved last year, and who I hope has a great career at UW. It’s just an observation.


      • Biggus Rickus

        The offensive line was brutal in 2016. In hindsight, it was obviously growing pains, but they couldn’t block consistently at all. Hence, you get 167 rushing yards against Nicholls at 4.3 per carry. Compared to the same basic game last year, against Samford, where the team rushed for 284 at a full yard more per carry.

        I do think Fromm had a better grasp of things as a freshman than Eason did, but he also had a far superior team around him.


  4. Clayton Davis

    Unfortunately for this Sooners fan, roughly 1 out of every 4.25 Georgia rushes was 10+ yards in the Rose Bowl. Probably would have had slightly better of an average had Michel and Chubb not had several rushes over 40 yards for the TD.


  5. DawgPhan

    Dawgs should be very good on offense this year.


  6. McTyre

    Fire Chaney!!!!!


  7. UGA '97

    His stats are likely accurate…just remove all plays of 11 yards or less and it probably lines up. Cfb just doesn’t provide that level of granularity. Curious to know hurry up vs standard count how those figures break down. Also what the lamecocks did in those categories.


  8. Comin' Down The Track

    Gracious me… I’m feeling a little lightheaded.


  9. Brad

    I think those 47 rushes of 20+ all happened in the Rose Bowl.


  10. AusDawg85

    If we hand off to Chubb over left tackle on the first play of the season I’m going to be pissed!!!


  11. 92 grad

    Whatever. On paper our dawgs are gonna kick ass. Next question?


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