Those cupcake games aren’t gonna play themselves.

The SEC, where playing a road game against a non-conference opponent just means more.

Considering that UK and South Carolina have home-and-home series with non-conference rivals, geez, that’s impressive.

Bottom line — they’ll keep doing it as long as they can get away with doing it.


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17 responses to “Those cupcake games aren’t gonna play themselves.

  1. 81Dog

    A little surprised FL isn’t on there, but maybe FSU and an occasional Miami game help them


  2. MDDawg

    Is this a shot at those teams for playing too many cupcakes, too many neutral site games, or both?


  3. paul

    This is a depressing statistic. But it will continue to get worse until someone is denied a slot in the playoffs due to a weak schedule. As my dad used to say, put your hand on your ass and wait for that to happen and it might grow there.


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    Jeremy Foley said during the Spurrier era that Florida does not play non-conference road games. I guess FSU and Miami didn’t count back then, and if you subtract them it looks about the same now.


  5. Bulldog Joe

    If the national championship is the goal, this is the best path to take.


  6. Bob

    Alabama with 6? I see Oklahoma, UCLA, Penn State and Duke. What am I missing. The Tide are this century’s homesteaders.


    • Bob

      I stand corrected. Because of NCAA sanctions, Bama was able to schedule a 13th game in 02 and 03 in Honolulu against the Warriors to offset not going to bowl games. How cute.


  7. Otto

    I’d like to know where Bama is if you counted the kick off games as road games.

    I am not surprised with Kentucky, they need to beat Western Kentucky to be bowl eligible more time than not. UK getting Bowl eligible also helps the SEC generate $$$ which the conference very much likes.


  8. cue Pink Floyd and Money, Money, Money.


  9. Bulldog Joe

    Best of my recollection, here are Georgia’s numbers since 2000:

    Non-conference road games (15):

    @GT (9), @Clemson (2), @Arizona State, @Oklahoma State, @Colorado, @Notre Dame; Record 12-3.

    Non-conference neutral site games (20):

    Michigan State (2), Nebraska (2), UVA, BC, FSU, Purdue, Wisconsin, WVU, Virginia Tech, Hawaii, Texas A&M, UCF, Boise State, Louisville, Penn State, UNC, TCU, Oklahoma; Record 14-6.

    In-conference neutral site games (25):

    UF (18), LSU (3), Alabama (2), Arkansas, Auburn; Record 9-16.


  10. stoopnagle

    I saw this on reddit. Florida playing the “we have to play FSU every year” card that morphs into “that’s a harder game than Tech.”

    Tech is 3-2 vs FSU the last 10 years.


  11. Dawgoholic

    Does playing Tech in ATL really count as a true road game?