When you’ve got nothing good to say…

… don’t say anything.

Curious to see if somebody asks Greg McGarity the same question.


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14 responses to “When you’ve got nothing good to say…

  1. Greg was in the supply closet counting staples when Urban called in.


  2. Castleberry

    Should we go ahead and self impose here?

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  3. The 984

    After McGarity docked Shane Beamer’s pay for his involvement in/knowledge of the Wakeyleaks scandal while at Wake Forest, it would be incredibly hypocritical if him if he knew about this while at UF and didn’t follow the proper protocols.



    If Crouch really cared about doing the right thing, he would have fired Smith in 2009


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    Knowing McG’s attention to contract details, I wouldn’t be surprised if Smith’s agreement required fu to provide brass knuckles, handcuffs and a slapjack.


  6. Mayor

    Urban says he followed proper protocol and reported the 2009 Smith domestic violence up the chain at the FU athletics department. Greg McGarity was the FU Assistant AD for football matters. He had to know about this yet took no action. If, according to Greg McGarity, Shane Beamer is responsible for his actions/non-actions while at VT why isn’t Greg McGarity responsible for his actions/non-actions while at FU? Where is that bastion of political correctness ChiliDawg on this? Chili, does Greg McGarity get fired from his AD job at UGA over this Smith thing? SHOULD Greg McGarity get fired from his job as AD at Georgia over this Smith thing? The world awaits your pronouncement.


    • Gaskilldawg

      I am not Chilidawg, and no one awaits my pronouncements but in response to your snide question, Hell yes I would love for McGarity to be fired for just about any reason.

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      • Mayor

        I phrased it tongue in cheek above to gig Chili a little bit but let me rephrase my question to the Senator and all other serious posters on this blog. I also relish the departure of McGoof for various reasons unrelated to the Smith matter but the question remains….Should Greg McGarity be investigated and possibly fired as AD of the University of Georgia’s Department of Athletics because of action or non-action he took over a domestic violence issue of a coaching staff member nine years ago at a different school? Try not to cloud your judgment with the fact that you either like or don’t like the guy (I don’t). Is this Smith thing a legitimate basis for forcing him out at Georgia?