“Yes, that Derek Dooley.”

Missouri’s new offensive coordinator has Bill Connelly pondering black thoughts.

In theory, Dooley can simply build complexity on top of what Heupel had established, giving Mizzou the capability to hit the brakes (Heupel’s offense was fourth in Adj. Pace last year) and come up with a Plan B for when solid defenses slow down the base attack.

It’s not hard to see the potential downside, though. Going from simple to complex, from “spread” to “pro-style” — though those terms grow more fungible each year — could lead to you misplacing your strengths in the name of fixing weaknesses.

And by god, if Dooley prevents us from seeing another year of Lock-to-Hall deep balls, he should be banished from college football.

New Mizzou motto:  if it ain’t broke, let SOD break it.


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3 responses to ““Yes, that Derek Dooley.”

  1. W Cobb Dawg

    Checked Mizzou’s schedule, and it ain’t easy at all. Their bye week comes after we visit. They have some potential shoot-outs with Purdue and Memphis. And on the road for scu, bama, fu and utk. If SOD doesn’t have that offense humming they’ll be lucky to win 4 games.

    Not sure what Lock was thinking when he decided to return for his senior year.


    • Macallanlover

      I agree, Lock had so little to gain given the risk of the OC change. It was a strong QB draft last year but if the Mizzou offense stymies he will fall behind the next crop coming out in 2019. Their offense this season looks as mysterious as Florida’s, don’t really know what to expect from either but I don’t see them scoring enough points to stay close to what UGA will put up. Dawgs’ dominance over both continues, and that takes care of 2 East teams that are mentioned as possible roadblocks by some.


  2. Brandon

    I’m getting less concerned about that trip out there all the time.