Handled with care

If I may borrow from another insurance ad, it appears that Jake Fromm was in good hands last season.

We may owe a few Dawg receivers apologies, gang.


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  1. Greg

    Yep, this surprises me……..seemed liked we dropped a bunch last year. Relatively speaking, I guess not. Good to know.


  2. Chunky A

    Imagine the numbers Lock wouldve put up if his receivers hsd the hands of even an average SEC team …


  3. Ben in NC

    I wonder how Fromm’s numbers look charted over the course of the season and how long it took him to develop a repore with the receiving corps. I wonder if that has something to do with TT’s high drop rate. Also, being in garbage time for a couple games then being thrown into a high pressure, come-from-behind situation at the end of the situation could explain a lot of that.

    Basically, I want to believe Fromm is just a better QB, but I wonder how many other factors contributed.


    • 92 grad

      I also would guess that Fromm had the fewest pass attempts in the conference so his drops may have more weight to them.

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      • Uglydawg

        I just re-watched the 81 Sugar Bowl. Georgia had one completion all day against ND…and it was in the 4th qtr… Before that catch by Amp Arnold, the Dawgs were 0 for 12. One completion in the whole game. Lindsay Scott dropped a TD bomb early. Herschel was playing with a dislocated shoulder, an Rex Robinson actually missed a 40 yard FG..But not turning the ball over while ND turned it over 4 times made the difference Not making any point here..just an amazing fact that the Dawgs could play that badly but hang on for the win.
        This year’s Dawgs will have…will maybe have…the finest offense ever.


    • Greg

      Good points from you and Russ (attempts) both….it certainly seemed as though there were a shatload of his passes dropped against ND.


    • Mayor

      Some QBs throw a “heavy ball” meaning it is harder to catch than normal. The best example of that I can think of was Steve Bartkowski who got the ball there in a hurry but it seemed like even professional receivers dropped a lot of his passes. Even though I really liked his arm strength I thought Eason threw a heavy ball. Other QBs throw a “catchable ball.” My impression is that Fromm throws a very catchable ball. You can actually see it as the ball arrives–how the receivers gobble the ball up.


      • Anonymous

        Eason threw a heavy ball. He also tended to be a little late with his footwork which led to a tendency to throw the ball higher than is ideal for the receivers. That is a common problem with taller QBs. IMHO, Fromm does an excellent job with putting the right amount of strength behind each pass. Throwing the ball with touch has led some people to think he doesn’t have great arm strength, but he throws that 18 yard out pattern to the far hash as well as half the QBs in the NFL.


    • Macallanlover

      I recall thinking he hit the ground running and looked like he was in tune from the git-go, especially with back shoulder throws. Nor sure how he had such good timing with them since Eason was getting the majority of 1st team reps during August. Must have spent a lot of time after practice and before August, working with them. Impressive for a freshman.

      I don’t remember many drops except for the times Hardeman was struggling early in the season and a couple of key ones with Nauta. If anything, the receivers bailed him out on several situations. I was very happy with what we had coming back at receiver before the addition of Robertson. Ths offense is loaded A to Z, just need to stay healthy and have Chaney get out of the way (looking at 2016 and 2nd half of the title game.) I know he has large box of crayons for this season, more than any OC at UGA that I can recall.


  4. UGA '97

    Speaks a lot about Coley, and credit to Pittman’s development of the Oline giving Fromm time to deliver those strikes. This is more confidence going into any tracks meets or shootouts we may find ouselves in, and those start with catching the ball first. Also, these #’s include RBs which are getting many targets in today’s game.Cannot wait for this season to begin.

    Ps Is that Franks’ Hail Mary catch rate? They guy had among the highest # of sacks in the SEC last year, so that’s a little perplexing.


  5. BA Baracus

    I wonder how much of that 6.5% was Mecole in the first 4 games? I don’t recall many drops from him or anyone else in the 2nd half of the season.


  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    Dropsies were a bugaboo in 16. Good to see the improvement.


    • Macallanlover

      2016 was much more about just bad throws, all year long. It is the biggest obstacle Eason has to overcome to come close to the expectations so many have of him. I said before last year began, it was a bigger concern than the OL questions, imo. Sometimes you just cannot fix that issue, big cannons like to roar. Touch and gearing back are two factors for him. We will never know if had improved but the spring game and the opening 2 series against Appy didn’t look any better. Hope he gets it at UDub, seems a good young man and I wish him well, but the number of stars surrounding him blinded many UGA fans.


  7. Hogbody Spradlin

    Also: It’s easy when you’re just throwing slants.


  8. MGW

    What was this stat like the year before? I definitely remember a lot of dropped balls then.