Make college atmosphere great again.

In response to the question “Should college football players be able to license their name and likeness rights for profit?“, there’s a coach out there — presumably one making tons of money while making every time demand on his players the NCAA allows (and then some, likely) — who actually answered with this:

“No. I don’t like the way that’s going, to be honest, because I think we’re turning them into professional athletes. I’m not sure coaches deserve that right, either. I’d like to see us stay more of an amateur sport. From my view where I see college football going, everything is driven by money and it’s less like amateur sports. I think we’re losing the college atmosphere.”

Thoughts and prayers for you, bubba.

I can’t wait until he marches into the office of the president of his school and lays that down.  I’m sure it’ll make a huge difference.


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7 responses to “Make college atmosphere great again.

  1. sniffer

    “So, coach, will you give your salary back and coach as a volunteer? Because, you know, where all this is headed.”


  2. Gaskilldawg

    501(c)3 employee earning $3 Million or more per year should not be harping on pure amateurism too much.

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  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Talk about a lack of self awareness. How much did you make last year Coach?


  4. Mike Cooley

    I absolutely do not want college football to become the NFL but I don’t know how any reasonable person can be against players being paid.


  5. ApalachDawg

    Until you figure out a way to pay all the college athletes on campus, not just fball and b-ball, Title 9 has its hands on the ready 5 button to receive that bowl / conference money…
    Are all players getting paid the same amount?
    Does your salary go up every year that you are in school?
    Are the college athletes responsible to pay their tuition?
    As a parent currently paying in state and out of state tuition that scholarship looks pretty damn valuable to me.


    • Gaskilldawg

      How to distribute
      distribute money to all athletes? Take the budget, reduce the ADs’ and glorified PE coaches’ salaries by a little and that would free up enough money.

      It is not about lack of revenue it is a matter of spending priority.