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The worst thing about college football, in one tweet

If a kid died on my watch or yours, we’d be in some real hot water.

At Maryland, it’s grounds for a big check and no hard feelings.



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Envy and jealousy, Twitter edition



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He comin’.

I said it before and I’ll say it again — keep an eye on Tyson Campbell.

The Skinny: That’s right, we’re predicting a freshman starter here because, why not? Campbell is having a great camp and he’s only going to get better. He has elite size, speed, and quickness. His maturity level is also advanced for a freshman.

If not by the opener, well before the season’s end is my prediction.  He’s too good a fit for what Smart and Tucker want in a cornerback to stay off the field.


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We’ll always have Damon.

You know an article with a line like “Even if an athlete dies, it is unusual to put staffers on leave, and so Maryland was not outside the norm for not immediately doing so with Durkin…” isn’t going to be flattering, but, jeez, man, is it really necessary to drag Georgia into it?

Maryland’s athletics director, Damon Evans, is also relatively new in his position — and was a controversial pick. Before he left his job as athletics director at University of Georgia in 2010, he was arrested for drunk driving and told police, “I am not trying to bribe you, but I am the athletic director of the University of Georgia.”

The coaches at Maryland were likely pressured to win because of the institution’s fairly recent entry into the Big Ten, Smith College’s Zimbalist said. While theoretically the Big Ten’s TV contracts would yield Maryland more money, if the football team constantly loses games to powerhouses in the conference such as Ohio State University and the University of Michigan, fans and donors would be turned off, he said.

Creating a credible team would ensure the coaches stayed longer, and eventually likely lead to a better offer from another institution, Zimbalist said.

“Overwhelmingly, there are incentives to win,” he said. “I think that’s what’s going on.”



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No crayon jokes today, please.

Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery for Mike Bobo.


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Boom goes the president.

Of all the hills to die on if you’re a university president…

… backing Will Muschamp’s ignorant, hypocritical play is a weird one to pick.

And, yes, South Carolina has a journalism school.  Why do you ask?


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Jim Delany: “This is fine.”

This Dennis Dodd interview with the Big Ten commissioner is delicious.

It must be acknowledged that arguably the nation’s richest conference is going through one of its roughest off-field patches. Since 2011 — the year the Jerry Sandusky scandal broke at Penn State — to the current Maryland investigation, there have been at least 16 high-profile instances of alleged wrongdoing in Big Ten athletic departments involving 11 of the conference’s 14 schools.

In that span, four football coaches were fired for issues unrelated to winning football games. Two more might join that group soon in Ohio State’s Urban Meyer and Maryland’s DJ Durkin.

As the season nears, that means almost 30 percent of football coaches in the Big Ten East (two of seven) are on paid administrative leave.

“Of course we’re concerned,” Delany told me.

And this is straight out of the student judiciary scene in Animal House:

Delany sees the criminal behavior as more of a reflection of society. He quoted Center for Disease Control statistics that state nearly one-fifth of all women report experiencing rape. The ratio is 1-in-18 for men.

“It’s a problem for us, but it minimizes an epidemic that is a problem in our country,” Delany said. “I, as a conference commissioner, don’t have the answer.”

Jim Delany is not going to stand for you badmouthing the United States of America.  Gentlemen!

We now return to your regularly scheduled programming on the Big Ten Network.


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Okay, okay, so they’ll be missed a little…

Quite the legacy Chubb and Michel leave at UGA —

But note that Swift, in a back-up role to the two, has already made the list.


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