Jim Delany: “This is fine.”

This Dennis Dodd interview with the Big Ten commissioner is delicious.

It must be acknowledged that arguably the nation’s richest conference is going through one of its roughest off-field patches. Since 2011 — the year the Jerry Sandusky scandal broke at Penn State — to the current Maryland investigation, there have been at least 16 high-profile instances of alleged wrongdoing in Big Ten athletic departments involving 11 of the conference’s 14 schools.

In that span, four football coaches were fired for issues unrelated to winning football games. Two more might join that group soon in Ohio State’s Urban Meyer and Maryland’s DJ Durkin.

As the season nears, that means almost 30 percent of football coaches in the Big Ten East (two of seven) are on paid administrative leave.

“Of course we’re concerned,” Delany told me.

And this is straight out of the student judiciary scene in Animal House:

Delany sees the criminal behavior as more of a reflection of society. He quoted Center for Disease Control statistics that state nearly one-fifth of all women report experiencing rape. The ratio is 1-in-18 for men.

“It’s a problem for us, but it minimizes an epidemic that is a problem in our country,” Delany said. “I, as a conference commissioner, don’t have the answer.”

Jim Delany is not going to stand for you badmouthing the United States of America.  Gentlemen!

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9 responses to “Jim Delany: “This is fine.”

  1. Dolly Llama

    Wait, what? Neither the OSU or Maryland situations have anything to do with rape. Does Delany know something of something else coming in the scandal pipeline?


  2. BMan

    Leaders and Legends.

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  3. ASEF

    JD: “Yeah, we’re a tire fire right now. I got nothing.”


  4. Red Cup

    Remain calm. All is well


  5. UGA '97

    This from the Andes Mountains….where Delaney’s proverbial head is in the clouds.


  6. Dawg Vegas

    Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?


  7. Anonymous

    Delany sees the criminal behavior as more of a reflection of society.

    The violent crime rate in this country has been declining for 25 years. Does he think it is the B1G’s responsibility to reverse that trend?


  8. Dawg19

    You’d better listen to him, Delaney. He’s in pre-med.