“I didn’t treat him any different than any other person…”

I’m calling bullshit on this one.

[Powell, Ohio Police Chief Gary] Vest has strongly disputed any suggestion his force handled accusations with leniency because Smith was an Ohio State football coach. Vest doesn’t even like sports — he’s never watched an entire football game in his life, he said — and said he was unaware of Smith’s connection to the Buckeyes until the case drew widespread attention.

“Until the media decided Zach Smith’s link to Ohio State was important, I had blinders on,” Vest said.

Powell is a suburb of Columbus, and I’d wager pretty good money that even if the chief isn’t much of a football fan, he’s bound to have somebody on his staff who knew darn well where Zach Smith worked.

Beyond that, though, let’s not forget that Smith wasn’t shy about identifying his career to officers when he was arrested before:

The report said “Zach advised (officers) he works for UF Florida Gators as an assistant coach for the football team…

But this time, Smith decided to keep that little tidbit to himself?  Right.

Corch isn’t the only one trying to cover his ass from this fiasco.


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28 responses to ““I didn’t treat him any different than any other person…”

  1. sniffer

    I’m beginning to hope that Meyer is retained. Every one involved and associated with that university will live a hell on earth as each day brings criticism and disdain. From fan heckling to recruiting difficulties to lost revenue, it will carry a heavy price to be tOSU. The only more deserving bunch reside in Hogtown, FL.


  2. Aladawg

    He can peddle that BS somewhere else.


  3. Doug

    He sounds like a store-brand version of Captain Renault. “I am shocked, shocked, to learn that there is influence-peddling going on in here!”


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    That riff is fairly routine government employee spin. Predictable and disposable.


  5. Derek

    If there’s one key to gaining a prestigious position it’s knowing that some people are more equal than others. It’s how they get there in the first place.


  6. Athens Dog

    It’s become clear that Urban isn’t going anywhere. Sad.


    • california_dawg

      Ugh yeah, looks that way. Vegas has him staying. One can only hope this hurts him in other ways, namely recruiting. I can’t imagine the parents of the future Nick Chubb’s of the world will believe Urban’s bullshit when he walks into their living rooms. But maybe I’m naive.


  7. ChiliDawg

    Chief of Police lies to the public. What else is new?

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  8. Gaskilldawg

    He may not be a sports fan and has never watched a game, but you bet your ass he is aware of the influence Buckeyes football has in the metro Columbus area.


    • barneydawg

      “I don’t watch or care about football. My only involvement with it is my cousin, who writes about it. His name is Jeff Snook”.


    • Doug

      I’ve read exactly one paragraph of a Harry Potter book in my entire lifetime and never seen any of the movies, but I still know who Voldemort is.

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  9. AusDawg85

    Powell, OH is an affluent suburb 14 miles north of Columbus with a population under 12,000, yet have 4 NFL players as former residents including tOSU RB Robert Smith and current Titans HC and tOSU alum Mike Vrabel.

    C’mon man…pretty sure everybody in Powell knows who is who.


  10. Athens Townie

    Sure, Chief. Whatever coverage you don’t like, just blame the media.

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  11. 79Dawg

    Maybe Zach is smarter than you guys give him credit for and had learned his lesson from his time in Gainesville that the “DYKWIA” game usually has the opposite effect than that intended, and that it is better to “KYFMS” when interacting with the police…


  12. ASEF

    I had a client in Columbus, TV station. At 99 out of 100 of these places, I was lucky to get as much time as they promised, and I often had to rework my schedule because something came up (if I was meeting with engineering, usually not, but news… always).

    This place made me rework my schedule so they could drive me through campus in a news car to see the stadium. It was as if, having made it all the way to Columbus for the first time, I couldn’t leave until I had completed the pilgrimage.

    That’s tOSU football to that part of Ohio.


  13. Trbodawg

    ” Vest said. “I didn’t treat him any different than any other person, and I didn’t bend any rules.” –

    I believe it is time for a review of domestic abuse policy/cases in Powell, Ohio.


  14. Fing group think BS. He(Smith) didn’t get treated any different than any one else and I believe that. Cop didn’t witness shit and understands that it actually is possible that a soon to be ex-wife would lie in order to gain an advantage in a divorce situation. I have a video in my client files that shows a wife beating the f out of her husband telling him he was a pussy for not fighting back and when he finally pushed her crazy ass off of him she jumped up saying I’ve got you now. A Russian mail order bride who thought she could now divorce this man and get a permanent visa pursuant to the VAWA(victims of alleged domestic abuse go to the head of the immigration line) visa to stay in the country. Her statement to the CCPD was her husband was physically and emotionally abusive , she was crying and showing bruises that were already black and blue 30 minutes after the event(the rules of anatomy were violated in her world.) Client was arrested because his video was on a format the police didn’t know how to open and they the cops believe the woman 99% of the time even though statistics show women start the violence over 40% of the time. Client had to post bond, retain counsel and go to war in order to keep from being enjoined from seeing his kids and was formally charged with numerous counts of Battery ,Simple Battery, Domestic Violence and 3rd Degree Child Abuse which were not dismissed until we found a format to display this video. Just because all of these posters “know” the chief knew who Smith was doesn’t prove shit. I require proof not complete and utter speculation….. I need proof not a virtual signaling mob mentality. Just because everyone on this blog is football crazy doesn’t mean everyone in some Columbus suburb is and remember this isn’t Coach Meyer it is a lowly tight ends Coach. I am a fan and I don’t know who the Tech tight end coach is , Falcons tight end coach or even the High school head coach. I said from the git go that Urban keeps his job……it is not what the mob thinks …..it is what can be proven that Corch did or did not know and what he did or did not do about.what he knew when he knew it .https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/05/27/domestic-violence-social-experiment_n_5398021.html Interesting social experiment.


    • Tl;dr 😉

      Two things here: (1) the chief isn’t charged with anything, so who cares about proof in a legal sense; and (2) Urban Meyer lied at B10 Media Days.

      I don’t think either of those have shit to do with a Russian mail order bride.


    • Trbodawg

      Yep, she’s been playing the long game here. Starting waaaay back in 2009. She’s been setting him up all this time. Just waiting for the perfect timing to get the most mileage out of her alleged ‘beating’ – Cause we all know that’s all women are good for , amirite? ? ? SMH, some people…


    • ChiliDawg

      Get back in your basket.


  15. UGA '97

    This is not about what happened to anyone- that case is already under way. This is about what Urban didn’t do. That’s all.


  16. Thanks for the explanation, Chief. So you are a just a really shitty cop and not a corrupt liar. My guess is that you’re both. Another “trust me” explanation when an actual record/report might provide better support. Even when there is an actual report….It’s secret! Love that transparency.