A different kind of McGarity’s Minutes

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this marks the first occasion when Georgia’s AD has devoted an entire one of his special emails to the subject of fan experience.

That doesn’t guarantee complete success, of course, but if it is an indication that Butts-Mehre finally feels some need to grease a squeaky wheel that hasn’t gotten enough attention, at least it’s a start.  We’ll see.


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20 responses to “A different kind of McGarity’s Minutes

  1. 209

    I just knew he was going to ask for more money..
    But he didn’t mention it this time. What a surprise.


  2. They made a lot of noise about learning from the visit to ND. Let’s see what that feels like in the coming weeks.


  3. 79Dawg

    Do you suppose anyone has made the connection that the “grab-n-gos” are so successful/popular (I guess, since we don’t have them in the east end zone) because the kids working the regular stands have no idea what they are doing??? I guess at the “grab-n-gos” the only thing they have to do is add up 3 and 3.5 and 2 on the calculator, and then subtract it from 10 to figure out how much change to give you…


  4. Trbodawg

    I’m so jaded. I stopped reading after “fastly”

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    • Robert Coppedge

      Ha! I wondered if that caught anyone else’s eye. He just wants to have cool, self-styled lingo like our President. MSGA! Make Sanford Great Again!


  5. 69Dawg

    “Let them eat cake” or in this case hot dogs and peanuts.


  6. I give the AD his share of grief, but these definitely seem like great upgrades to the fan’s experience with concessions. I applaud anything like this that’s a step in the right direction.


  7. SlobberKnocker

    “We’ve also created additional points of sale by blowing out the walls of a previously closed stand”

    Wait, what? You closed and walled off a concession stand when you knew the lines at all locations were ridiculous? Thanks for caring.


    • Anonymous

      I think that should read “previously enclosed stand”. I think he is saying that they converted what was a traditional “full-service” concession stand into a grab and go stand.


  8. Ray Goff

    He wants to put us in a happy state of mind so we won’t be so irritated waiting in line for an hour to go through the new metal detectors.


  9. KornDawg

    I frequently sit in section 129, it would be nice if these changes helped with the congestion in that area. We’ll see.


  10. DoubleDawg1318

    I’ve heavily criticized the failure to improve the fan experience, so I’m pleasantly surprised to see that some improvements have been made toward that end. As someone who’s experienced the outstanding grab-n-go at Augusta National, I’m glad they are using that style of service. Hopefully, some of this stuff works and they expand it.

    I definitely think it will be worth it for some people in the lower bowl to travel to the West End Zone for service rather than climb to the 100 level.


  11. Cousin Eddie

    So the fan experience upgrades mostly have to do with getting money faster.


  12. ATL Dawg

    A first step in the right direction. At least a couple more miles of steps still to go.


  13. Tony Barnfart

    Field Street should be nothing but Masters style grab n go tents.


  14. Ole Dokes

    He spelled Dawgs Dogs…


  15. The Georgia Way

    Rest assured, reduced tailgate time is a key component of The Georgia Way master plan.

    Each season, we will close an additional parking facility off to our Bulldog Tailgate Club and Magill Society donors. For 2018, we have selected the North Parking Deck. Our parking points hierarchy will ensure nearly every fan’s tailgate plans will be disrupted, bringing thousands to hungry Bulldog wallets to our pre-made ‘Grab-n-Go’ lines.

    The resulting revenue boost will enable us to compete financially with the rest of the SEC. And this is yet another Bulldog Point of Pride!