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“I love those type games, especially an opportunity to play in Atlanta, which we are always looking to do.”


Dawgs247 has learned that a 2022 matchup between Georgia and Oregon is in the works. According to persons with knowledge of the situation, the game would take place in Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta and the SEC vs. PAC12 showdown has not yet been finalized. Those same contacts, however, indicate that final word could come in the next couple of weeks.

It is unknown at this time whether the game would be associated with Chick-Fil-A as one of its kickoff games, but with the game taking place in Mercedes-Benz Stadium between two non-conference teams to begin a season, its almost certain that will be the case.

I’d rather this be a home-and-home (weren’t we all looking forward to a trip out there a few years ago?), but at least it beats opening with Austin Peay.



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Tiers of rage

Bill Connelly posted his preseason SEC power rankings yesterday.

Tier 1

1. Alabama
2. Georgia
3. Auburn

Alabama and Georgia went a combined 2-3 within this tier and 24-0 outside of it. Auburn lost a couple of games to outsiders but went 2-1 against the Crimson Tide and Dawgs. They were the clear class of the SEC last year, and based on returning production and all other factors, they begin 2018 clear from the rest of the field as well.

Tier 2

4. Mississippi State
5. LSU

If the teams in Tier 1 have CFP potential, we’ll say this tier has top-10 potential. It would surprise me if either of these teams won the SEC West, but they have the potential to beat anyone.

Tier 3

6. South Carolina
7. Texas A&M
8. Missouri
9. Ole Miss
10. Florida

We’ll say this tier maxes out at top-15 potential.

South Carolina gets human cheat code Deebo Samuel back, but the 2017 Gamecocks won a few too many games with smoke and mirrors for my taste. I don’t entirely trust them yet. And as I wrote in the preview, teams that play much better as underdogs than favorites sometimes struggle to transition to life as a favorite.

Tier 4

11. Arkansas
12. Kentucky
13. Tennessee
14. Vanderbilt

At least one of these teams will end up playing at a top-40 level — the Hogs perhaps being the most likely to me — but there is clearly more of a mountain to climb here.

I tend to think he’s selling Florida slightly short and overselling Arkansas, but overall, that’s a pretty solid order.  Overall, the SEC doesn’t look too bad going down the first ten spots.

Sliding down further in his post, advanced stats really love Auburn, but advanced stats don’t have to play Georgia and Alabama on the road.  Also, I think I’m sold at this point on Mississippi State being the conference’s most intriguing team of 2018.


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“I think it is an area of strength on our team.”

Kirby is surprisingly bullish on his wide receivers group this season.

“I am pleased with their work ethic,” Smart said. “We don’t have that dominant, back-shoulder size that Javon Wims, who was a really good wideout for us. We don’t have that guy yet, but we have a lot of guys who have been very productive. Riley has done a great job this camp. Terry has been hobbled a bit so, through no fault of his own, but he has not been able to do everything. But Tyler Simmons and Jayson Stanley, I cannot say enough about all the things they bring to the table. Are they elite, vertical threats – go up and get it. I do not know about that. But what they are is they are really, really good wideouts who compliment each other and help the rest of the team with special teams.

“I love the demeanor of that room because they compete really hard.”

Not that I blame him.

People are talking mainly about the talent, particularly after the addition of Robertson, but I’m curious to see what Cortez Hankton brings to the table as the new position coach.

Defenses will need to pay for stacking the box to stop the run.  Let’s hope Georgia’s got the tools to make that happen.


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Above their paygrade

This is a question I’ve thought about before.

But in college football especially, the strength coaches are typically hired — and fired — by the head coach, with little or no oversight by an athletic administration official…

Christina Specos, a former strength and conditioning coach at Purdue, said she was aware of plenty of instances where strength coaches had been required to dole out punishment to players who had misbehaved, in effect serving as the head coach’s enforcers.

“Strength coaches and other support staff have this pressure to do things the coach’s way because they’re worried about their job security,” Specos said. “They’re just the ‘do’ boy.”

Bob Alejo, the former director of strength and conditioning at North Carolina State, understands that pressure firsthand. In 2017, his contract was not renewed after the basketball coach, Mark Gottfried, was fired.

“You are a little bit beholden,” Alejo said. “I think there’s some conflict of interest. There should be a buffer there.”

Alejo, who also worked for the Oakland Athletics, added: “Asking strength coaches to handle some disciplinary actions, like someone misses a class or is late for practice, and that requires extra push-ups or pull-ups, that somehow along the line has come under our umbrella. It is, in my opinion, a huge mistake. That’s not what we’re here for.”

Mind you, I don’t that’s the case at every school, but when a strength coach assumes the responsibilities we often see, especially in the offseason, is enforcing the head coach’s discipline really something that should be part of his or her job?


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Musical palate cleanser, bonus Queen edition

I came across this and had to share.

That literally gave me chills watching it.  Unbelievable.


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