Absolutely brutal

Honestly, I don’t know how Urban Meyer recovers from this.

Two sources connected to the investigation said the likely recommendation is a suspension for Meyer. Drake and the board could also opt for a “time served” punishment since Meyer has been removed from football activities for more than two weeks.

That’ll teach him a severe lesson.  At least the school isn’t apologizing for taking Meyer away from prep work.



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  1. He has been paid during his leave. If it’s a “time served” suspension, will they claw the pay back?


  2. Biggus Rickus

    I’m sure he’ll never cover for the behavior of anyone else to whom he feels loyalty or he thinks he needs to win ever again.


  3. Got Cowdog

    Y’all was right. Fucker’s gonna skate.

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  4. heyberto

    Ohio State gonna Ohio State. This must mean Geno is going to take the fall on this one.


    • I imagine this is exactly what the folks at tOSU wanted to happen, and Geno is probably going to get a big check in exchange for signing a non-disclosure agreement regarding the circumstances of his severance.


  5. BMan

    He will likely get the equivalent of a “no ice cream after dinner” punishment, retroactive to the first day that he happened to skip having ice cream on his own. There will be faux contrition, and the prick will become more smug than ever.


    • Does anyone really think he hasn’t been on the phone or video conference with his staff multiple times per day during his “leave”? Someone should fill out the Ohio equivalent of FOIA request for Urban’s phone records during his time away from the football program.

      I hope Hurricane Brett swirls around Columbus for the entire season.


  6. 69Dawg

    Nobody that knows anything about tOSU fan base ever thought they would fire a NC coach. Hell, if Ole Joe at Penn State had won one recently they would have kept him. The B1G is the most despicable, desperate and full of BS conference in CFB. They love to look down at the great unwashed (SEC, ACC) but they are as bad as any conference.


  7. Argondawg

    Not much anyone can do. At a minimum at least the rest of the country knows what a POS we have always known him to be.


  8. Sweet D

    You got me Senator. After reading the headline and lead in, I was settling in to enjoy some sweet schadenfreude. Thanks for ruining an otherwise solid Monday.


  9. Jim

    I’m just waiting to see what the next grenade is that McMurphy is going to lob toward Ohio State. The way he has dribbled our the information has been masterfully planned. I’ve got to think he’s got something left for the grand finale


  10. ApalachDawg

    I think it looks worse if they suspend him.

    Why are they suspending him if he “followed procedure”?

    If he didn’t “follow procedure”, then why aren’t they firing him?


    • Macallanlover

      True, similar to the “flash”, overnight suspension for Scam in his one and done season at The Barn. Auburn and Columbus (ohio) must be sister cities since the fan bases have the same ethics.


  11. Normaltown Mike


  12. UGA '97

    Per Brett M., if they suspend him then the report will be released. But if Urban gets fired or negotiates an exit and resigns, then they don’t have to release the report.


  13. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I am not claiming that I know this, but it occurs to me that if they want to keep him (duh, they do) but first want to see what happens in the court of public opinion, it makes sense to float this balloon out there 2 days before the official meeting and see what kind of blow back you get. Eh, who am I kidding? See you opening day Corch.


  14. Hogbody Spradlin

    Couch doesn’t suffer offense quietly nor does he forget it. Gonna be some paayyy baaack.


  15. The other Doug

    Sounds like a trial balloon leak.


  16. ASEF

    I mean, there’s a reasonable chance Urban takes one large, permanent step back in recruiting as the result of all this.

    If I were a parent with a kid looking at Ohio State, who had a real opportunity at a school like Georgia, Clemson, or Alabama, I’d be quietly suggesting he take a hard second look at those programs.

    First, because the next scandal won’t be so easy to duck.
    Second, because there’s a track record of tolerating bad actors on the roster and even the staff now that’s hard to explain away.

    I’m not suggesting Urban will suddenly be looking up at Harbaugh and Franklin in the recruiting rankings. But the negative recruiting aimed at Urban got a massive long term boost out of this.


  17. Anonymous

    I said this back when the story broke, and it still holds true. Even with keeping his job, how does this affect Tosu on the recruiting trail? Many times you have win over Momma when you want to win the recruit. Corch is already known for having murderers and other criminals on his teams. Now that it has been shown that he has been actively harboring woman-beating pervert, even if he did “report” it, how will that affect Momma’s desire to see Corch and his staff try to make a man out of her son?


  18. Hobnail_Boot

    Auburn North


    • california_dawg

      Yup. This is so f’ed. This should be a no-brainer. They fired Tressel for far less.


      • Chi-town Dawg

        Lying to the NCAA vs lying to the press/public. Either way, it’s still dishonesty, but tOSU tolerates the latter.


        • paul

          Chi-town, now that the press is routinely portrayed as the enemy of the state, lying to the press is seen as good policy by many. It could even enhance his reputation among the faithful.


  19. Russ

    Does Huntley have a satellite office in Columbus?


  20. Two divisions in the B1G — Abusers and Enablers. UM somehow manages to represent both at one school.


  21. HiAltDawg

    ohio state college fired their godfather, Woody Hayes (and all he did was punch some piece of crap clemson player), popped a cap in Tressle for far less so I’m not quite ready to think Corch survives this. I’m no fan of anybody but ohio state ain’t devil worshiping auburn. Ironically, Corch probably followed some half arse procedure they slapped together after tressle’s act and it wasn’t enough with this Zach Smith turd lying and getting people to lie for him at every turn. Corch is an idiot because who the hell keeps a wife beater turned stalker around? At wide receivers coach, no less? ohio state would be wise to break him off before Zach turd Smith starts running his wife beating/stalker mouth and no telling what happens then…


    • Minnesota Dawg

      You’re giving OSU too much ethical credit.

      They could fire Hayes because he was old, lost the support of the alumni, AND had lost to Michigan three years in a row without scoring a TD.

      They fired Tressel because the NCAA sanctions that he had brought about already were going to be just the beginning if he wasn’t fired. His termination ended likely an NCAA investigation that would have dug up a whole lot more dirt. Believe me, alumni in the know were more than relieved to see Tressel sacrificed in exchange for NCAA calling off the dogs.

      The fact that they hire Meyer (along with his shady off the field track record at UF) a year later tells you all you need to know about OSU ethics vs. wins.


      • HiAltDawg

        Damn! Reckon putting up with auburn’s devil worshiping asses every year has made me soft on these other suck schools!


  22. AusDawg85

    Coming soon from a local Ohio politician:

    I’d like to personally congratulate corch Ervin Meyer on his distinctive service to THE Ohio State University team of football and players and thank him for what he has done to guide our youths to a winning atmosphere and proclaim him a fine man and father of repitude that we can all be proud of in buckeye land.


  23. UGA '97

    OSU”s 1st day of classes is listed on the website as August 21. Get everyone on campus, classes started, university employees on the payroll then drop the hammer. Perhaps this was all timed and planned perfectly?


  24. Minnesota Dawg

    Not to say I told you so….but I told you so.

    OSU was NEVER going to fire him. Nothing short of a leaked video of Urban giggling as he watched Zach beat his wife was going to do the trick. This has been a done deal for weeks.

    Those of you that think that because Woody Hayes (40 years ago!) and Jim Tressel were fired, Meyer would be canned too, don’t have a clue. O$U doesn’t care what you think. “Don’t worry, we ain’t going back to the days of John Cooper!”


    • MDDawg

      The Woody Hayes thing confuses me. Yeah they fired him for punching an opposing player, but then they named an athletics building after him?


      • Russ

        He punched a couple of different cameramen and a reporter or two leading up to the Gator Bowl punch. I think his big crime was losing to Michigan.


        • Minnesota Dawg

          Exactly. Losing to Michigan three seasons in a row without scoring a TD.

          The named an athletics building for him for all those years that he DID beat Michigan. They may not have a conscience, but they have memories!