Name that caption, I have no idea edition

If you can figure out what this means, you’re a better person than I am.


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28 responses to “Name that caption, I have no idea edition

  1. Salty Dawg

    You got me, Senator. Between this article and the one below, I’m at a loss for any explanation!


  2. Bulldog Joe

    It means most of what Les says doesn’t make sense, or something.


  3. Tronan

    One more X than Castlemaine.


  4. That dog'd bite you

    I have been in advertising my entire adult life, tried to force a lot of ideas through that I probably shouldn’t have and even I cant even begin to fathom what this means creatively, much less strategically.

    My only guess is that this is a teaser for a story about Les Miles relieving himself on every college football field in the country.


  5. Everybody pees on a football field and they drink that beer. The water is siphoned from Coors and is fresh Rocky Mountain Pee Water.


  6. Dawglicious

    The Most Interesting Herbivore in the World


  7. Rusty Moody

    “The most uninteresting man in LA – stay thirsty my friends”


  8. Biggus Rickus

    So the implication is that people are pissing this beer all over football fields, and the cutout is of a man known to eat said grass. My takeaway is that this was a subtle admission by Les that he’s into water sports.


  9. Russ

    Saw where Les is going to replace Larry Culpepper in the Dr. Pepper ads.


  10. Beave

    Wheat beer so good you’ll think you were eating it!


  11. steve

    The message in the sign must be incomplete. ‘The only beer used to water every college football FAN’S THIRST’, is my guess….or ‘The only beer THAT used to water every college football RECRUIT’S OFFICIAL VISIT TO AUBURN UNTIL IT WAS REPLACED BY NOSE CANDY AND BOOTY’


  12. Bulldog Joe

    “You can have the Most Interesting Man In The World. Or Les.”

    – Dos Equis Light


  13. Wells Smith

    Whatever the meaning of this is, I still miss the “Mad Hatter” in SEC football.

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  14. Otto

    I am pulling for him to replace Corso on Gameday.


  15. heyberto

    I don’t know either, but man do I miss Les Miles.


  16. Cojones

    Think that peeing on the football fields is relevant to the beer being processed through a body filter that renders it processed sterile twice-filtered beer that promotes great grass growth.

    Or he could be promoting the use of natural grass as a beer coaster. Just keep it in a window for sunshine and the water from the can dew can do (the slogan I will sell him) the job.

    Or maybe he is just selling rain gear and we all missed the intent.


  17. scott329

    Are footballs actually made out of pigskin or leather or something synthetic? Maybe in Louisiana they have a version of Kobe beef/pork where instead of sake they give it crappy beer? That’s my best guess.


  18. Hunkering Hank

    That dumbass Herbie gave his preseason “Impact” assistant coach hire to Todd Grantham at Flo-rida.

    I tend to agree. CTG will have an impact on UF’s defense alright!


  19. Shewdawg

    I think that…uh…that…uhhh…you know. Like…uhhh…


  20. Down island way

    Les liteXXX…”Pee’s great, Les filling”…….coming to a college football stadium turf near you! Ya know, Les do love him some pee turf to nibble on…….pre game!

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  21. UGA '97

    Cinco Equis? 5 white Xs on the can. WTF. Yep him serving beer is about what his career has been reduced to.


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