Today, in just shoot me

Our brave new world:

On campus, Friday effing night?  I’m guessing Mr. Former Power Broker has never tried to drive from Atlanta to Athens in rush hour traffic.  Screw you, buddy.


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  1. stoopnagle

    This is what happens when a MBA in Connecticut “knows” an industry.

    Relatedly, I just saw video from Bristol from the past weekend. There were empty seats. I guess it was still on TV, though?


    • stoopnagle

      But let’s play along. Which one of these is on Friday? The lowest seeds, right?

      8 USC at 1 Clemson
      7 Auburn at 2 Oklahoma
      6 Wisconsin at 3 Georgia
      5 Ohio State at 4 Alabama


  2. Derek

    This is why I don’t think expansion was practical. Too many difficult scheduling issues.

    Who would have been conference champs last year? 3-way tie?

    Settling it on the field goes away to settle it on the field? Really?


  3. MGW

    But the ratings!!!!!!!!


  4. Otto

    Way to kill the who cares bowls and most importantly devalue the regular season and nonConf scheduling.

    Barf. I hope Smart can win a few at UGA before this roles in.


  5. TimberRidgeDawg

    That explains why he’s a “former” power broker


  6. ASEF

    We’ve had exactly two competitive, compelling semifinals in 8 tries. Alabama-Ohio State in 2014 and Georgia-Oklahoma in 2017. That’s it.

    The other scores?
    Oregon 59 FSU 20
    Clemson 37 Oklahoma 17
    Alabama 38 Michigan State 0
    Clemson 31 Ohio State 0
    Alabama 24 Washington 7
    Alabama 24 Clemson 6

    Average margin: 27 points.
    Almost all of them felt over by half-time.
    And the ratings were bad.

    What fantasy world do these people inhabit?


    • Normaltown Mike

      Great info. Had not seen this before but am not surprised.

      The revenue beast must be fed


    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      Georgia-Oklahoma was epic. I wish I knew how many times it has been replayed. I’ve seen at least 8 replays. When I know exactly what is going to happen next, it’s time for me to back away, but they must still be getting eyeballs on it.

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  7. Bulldog Joe

    I doubt the P5 conferences and bowls would be willing to surrender that much power.


    • Ricky McDurden

      Right? Because telling the SEC to just cancel one of the single most successful events in college sports history so we can expand to an 8 team playoff is an easy sell (all so the likes of Bama and UGA can hopefully be in the top 4 and host an extra game in mid-December).

      I mean the thought process behind eliminating the games isn’t wrong in that you’d have to eliminate the Conference Championship games to logistically have an 8 team playoff but you’re asking 5 major conferences to all get on board with that so… a conference or two don’t have hurt feelings? Why should the SEC buy in when they’re clearly doing just fine in the current set up?

      Not to mention you’d be trying to decide a single conference champ in a 14 team conference where only 8 games are played. Even if you play 9 conference games a year (won’t happen, especially with an 8 team playoff because where’s the resume incentive at that point?) you’re looking at a situation where UGA can cake walk into a conference title through it’s East schedule… you know, maybe this 8 team playoff thing isn’t so bad.


  8. bwaredogs

    Isn’t mid December exam time. Also, would schools take the “bowl” experience from players. Would the Trojans spend a week on Lake Hartwell in December to celebrate a Pac-12 championship (in stoopnagle’s scenario)? Would the losers of opening weekend then get to go to bowl between Christmas and New Year’s? Too many questions…


  9. DawgPhan

    yeah I dont get the friday night angle. Those games dont do well, but instead of championship weekend in december you get 4 playoff games. ok.


  10. A game in say, LA, on a Friday night. No traffic problems there.


  11. Anonymous

    We already had the perfect way to decide the National Champion: Bowl ‘n’ Poll. Also, bring back ties. Overtime isn’t nearly as dramatic as going for 2 to win the game.


  12. Careful Brad

    It shows how backwards thinking the current trends in college football are, start the season with a neutral site game and move the postseason on campus.

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  13. Brandon M

    If expansion is inevitable I still think 6 is the perfect number. 5 Conference champs and 1 at large. Top 2 conference champions get a first round bye.


  14. Spike

    UCF nods in agreement..


  15. 92 grad

    I know in a literal sense conference champion games aren’t already play in games but , they kind of are too. The way things function we already have a final 10 teams playing for a conference championship and the top 4 of these 10 will be in the finals. The butthurt and greed just think it’s not quite fair I guess. Most logical fans already understand the “true national champion” is pretty hollow and more for show than anything else.

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  16. This doesn’t even make sense. Going from 4 teams to 8 teams only adds 1 more round and 4 total games.

    You don’t need to eliminate the conference championship games.

    There are 3-4 dead weeks in December already. One of those weekends could easily be the first round.

    If you got really desperate, we could go back to an 11 game regular season (1 less cupcake game).