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When there are no repercussions, people feel empowered to cut corners.



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Drip, drip, drip

Brett ain’t done, peeps.

Corch probably doesn’t remember that.


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If the condition persists for more than four hours…

The best way to properly deal with Corch’s bullshit is snark.

Let’s hope the man gets the medical attention he so clearly is in need of today.


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Kirby’s answer to Chip

Okay, he didn’t exactly go “Chip, you ignorant slut” at yesterday’s post-practice presser, but it’s not hard to see why he went here:

… on Wednesday, Smart diagramed a “composite special teams ranking.” The ranking collects data from punts, punt returns, kickoffs, kickoff returns, PATs, field goals and field goal blocks, and combines the averages to make the ranking.

“I think of the years I was at [Ala]bama, maybe nine years, I think we were first or second in eight of those years,” Smart said. “We always played the best players on that. First year I was here, we were dead last in the composite.”

Smart cited poor kicking that season as the reason for the poor score, but he was quick to mention that Georgia ranked first in the 2017 ranking. Now, like most aspects of following an SEC Championship season, the challenge lies in maintaining the success.

“Our kids bought into it,” he said. “They understand that last year our punt team was Sony, Lorenzo and Roquan. I think that’s incredible to have that three lineup covering your punt team because you get so much speed.”

His formula is simple: put the best players on special teams instead of giving them a quick break, and then earn better results. Smart specifically pointed to punt return as something that can be a strength for Georgia in 2018.

Funny how I never heard anyone question last year why Roquan was playing on the punt team.

Well played, Mr. Smart.


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There’s a fine line between “upset alert” and “pivot point”.

Does Andy Staples thread that needle?

Georgia at South Carolina
Pivot point for: Both

This game has been a trendy upset pick for so long that there is absolutely zero chance the Bulldogs overlook the Gamecocks. But there is ample reason to worry about this one for Georgia. The Bulldogs have recruited so well in the past two classes that by the end of the season, this roster should have jelled completely. In Week 2? It’s still possible Georgia is still trying to figure out how to replace the tangible and intangible benefits that Sony Michel, Nick Chubb, Roquan Smith, Isaiah Wynn, Davin Bellamy, Lorenzo Carter, Jeb Blazevich and John Atkins provided. This team is stacked but lost a lot of veteran leadership, so the question is how quickly do the new leaders emerge? They may already be in place. Quarterback Jake Fromm, tight end Isaac Nauta and defensive end Jonathan Ledbetter played major parts on a team that won the SEC and came within a play of winning the national title. Even Georgia’s role players from last year—who are now becoming starters—have played in huge spots. The visit to Williams-Brice Stadium will show exactly how far along Georgia is in the process of turning its collection of athletes into a team that can compete for a second consecutive SEC title.

Kinda sorta, if you ask me.  It would be foolish to pretend that replacing Roquan Smith is anything but a huge task.  It would be just as foolish to pretend that Georgia will have the same team in Week 2 as it will in Week 13.

But Staples is absolutely right when he writes there’s no way Kirby and the rest of the staff is going to let South Carolina sneak up on this team.  Nor is it like South Carolina isn’t facing a major rebuilding of its own on the defensive side of the ball.

I’m starting to think the difference in this game is going to come down to one team already being secure in its offensive skin and the other in the early stages of finding its way with a new scheme and coordinator.  That’s ironic, perhaps, given the perception of both head coaches as defensive gurus.


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Kirby picks a quarterback.

He really did.  It’s just that it’s his third-string QB.

A freshman walk-on, Matthew Downing, is currently the Bulldogs No. 3 triggerman should Fromm and Fields go down, making it more imperative that the two guys ahead of him are as prepared as possible.

As far as the two guys ahead of him go?  Well, Kirby’s doing that whole saying, not saying thing.

The two have been duking it out to see who’ll be the starter in 2018 and thus far, based on the practice reps, one guy appears to be the clear leader. Just don’t expect Smart to come out and say either guy is going to be taking the first snap against Austin Peay.

“I really haven’t even thought about it, to be honest with you,” Smart said when asked if he would name a starter at quarterback. “We let those two guys compete out. Jake’s going with the ones almost the whole time. So we’ll handle it as it goes. It’s not like it’s a predetermined announcement on this date. It’s not really the plans, we don’t look at it that way. We look at it at as those two guys are competing and they’ll continue to compete.”

In other words, pay no attention to that man who’s taking snaps behind the first string offensive line all August.  Sure thing, Kirbs.


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Big Ten’s profile in courage

Man, this is stirring.

The conference with a heart.  Besides, Jim Delany’s too busy figuring out how to invest his bonus money to have time for crap like this.


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Thursday morning buffet

Num, num, num…


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“I always tell people there are no rules in the scheduling business.”

As you prepare to watch Georgia’s titanic opening struggle with Austin Peay, keep this pearl of wisdom in mind.

But while fans clamor for more matchups between top teams, much of what goes into scheduling is only tangentially related to the potential quality of the game.

No shit, Sherlock.

Many of the top revenue-generating schools, including most SEC schools, are buying at least one FBS and one FCS game per season. That is generally going to run around $2 million, but for programs that routinely fill 80,000-plus seats — as Florida does — a home game can generate upward of $4 million just in ticket sales.

“Some of the costs of these guarantee games are shooting up so much that’s why these neutral site games have become so popular with these nice pay days,” Stricklin said.

Nice for him.

Boy, I’m glad AP didn’t interview Greg McGarity for that article.  I don’t think I could have taken it.


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This guy.

If wading through one shake-your-head moment to the next at last night’s Ohio State press conference led you to think it couldn’t possibly get any more appalling, along came Zach Smith’s lawyer to say, “hold my beer”.

“Zach Smith married a woman he should not have married,” Koffel said in a text message. “Vengeance against her ex-husband regrettably resulted in collateral damage to Urban Meyer, Gene Smith & The Ohio State University. Trying cases in the media is a dangerous precedent for every other coach in America.”

No wonder this guy was saying a few days ago that he thought his client would get his old job back.  He’s got a natural gift for assholery.  A real credit to the profession.


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