Big Ten’s profile in courage

Man, this is stirring.

The conference with a heart.  Besides, Jim Delany’s too busy figuring out how to invest his bonus money to have time for crap like this.


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9 responses to “Big Ten’s profile in courage

  1. Derek

    Given the situations at MSU and PSU, this isn’t exactly the Big 10’s worst day lately. At least it was just adults involved this time.


  2. dawgtired

    I’m sure they were hopeful that they could stall on making comments until something negative on the SEC came out. Then they could ‘wag the dog’ to get the spotlight averted.


  3. William (the other one)

    Jim Tressell was fired for tattoos……….Urbs covers up domestic violence and enables and even quasi protects his asst coach……3 game suspension. Stay classy Buckeyes!


  4. Borodawg

    The investigative team was led by a female, so the results have to be accepted with no questions asked………amiright?


    • Uglydawg

      That may be (have been in choosing her) an underhanded consideration..but the fact that we have to even wonder if it’s a factor, or that we can’t question the teams decision because of the gender of the teams leader is just wrong.
      Prejudice and PC are mirror images of the same thing when they skew justice.


  5. Normaltown Mike

    Does this mean they are acting like Legends or Leaders?


  6. Gravidy

    I’m always particularly amused by such righteously courageous statements. In other words, they wholeheartedly support this decision which is absolutely none of their business to comment on in any way.


  7. Macallanlover

    While I see nothing courageous about this statement at all, foolhardy might be a better characterization, you are right, this wasn’t a Big14 issue, it was all about ohio and the face of their program. Where you can group them is when any Big14 fan attacks the SEC as a group. Yes, Auburn is in the SEC, and that is embarrassing, but don’t link us to them. Auburn may be more comfortable with schools like ohio, State Penn, MD, and Mich State though. They should not ever throw stones.