Kirby’s answer to Chip

Okay, he didn’t exactly go “Chip, you ignorant slut” at yesterday’s post-practice presser, but it’s not hard to see why he went here:

… on Wednesday, Smart diagramed a “composite special teams ranking.” The ranking collects data from punts, punt returns, kickoffs, kickoff returns, PATs, field goals and field goal blocks, and combines the averages to make the ranking.

“I think of the years I was at [Ala]bama, maybe nine years, I think we were first or second in eight of those years,” Smart said. “We always played the best players on that. First year I was here, we were dead last in the composite.”

Smart cited poor kicking that season as the reason for the poor score, but he was quick to mention that Georgia ranked first in the 2017 ranking. Now, like most aspects of following an SEC Championship season, the challenge lies in maintaining the success.

“Our kids bought into it,” he said. “They understand that last year our punt team was Sony, Lorenzo and Roquan. I think that’s incredible to have that three lineup covering your punt team because you get so much speed.”

His formula is simple: put the best players on special teams instead of giving them a quick break, and then earn better results. Smart specifically pointed to punt return as something that can be a strength for Georgia in 2018.

Funny how I never heard anyone question last year why Roquan was playing on the punt team.

Well played, Mr. Smart.


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21 responses to “Kirby’s answer to Chip

  1. Derek

    This is why blaming the press is always dumb. The problem in the world isn’t questioning authority. The problem is when the authority can’t provide good answers.

    We’re all now more informed than we were because someone gets paid to ask dumb questions of someone in power and authority. This is exactly why the freedom of the press is in the first amendment. To make institutions as transparent as possible.


    • Not sure where “authority can’t provide good answers” comes from — I understood his position from the first response. The best play on special teams.

      What has me shaking my head is Chip’s question directly to Holyfield, as if he is going to get a different answer? Asking him that was ridiculous and I think is the implied subject to this thread (if I understand the Senator’s thinking correctlyl)


      • Derek

        Not sure where you’re coming with on either point.

        I didn’t say he didn’t have a good answer. I said that the questions, admittedly dumb ones, led Kirby to give 2 good answers. Ones that some in the public I bet didn’t know.

        Whatever your opinions about whether chip should have confronted Holyfield it just doesn’t matter. They are there to ask dumb questions at the wrong time to the wrong people.

        Just have good answers and it’s ok. In short, the press is not your enemy if you’re doing the right things. They can become quite the irritant if your OSU or PSU or the Catholic Church it any other institution that is fucking up.


        • Brandon M

          “They are there to ask dumb questions at the wrong time to the wrong people”. I had no idea. Oh well in that case Chip’s the best reporter we’ve got!


  2. Bright Idea

    I wonder if Chip was looking for a Maryland angle. You’re abusing the RBs putting them on special teams and I’m calling you on it. His logic is so flawed that I can’t help but wonder.


    • Uglydawg

      I think so.
      One huge problem with “media” is so many of them aren’t objective and willing to gain success from hard work and good reporting, but are taking the low road of creating a story where there really isn’t one, and getting themselves in the middle of that story.
      When the reporter becomes a main character in the story, he’s gone astray. Chip should reel it in and get back to reporting news and not trying to create it.
      I really think Chip is just butt-hurt that he had his ass handed to him by CKS and he’s trying to save face. The longer Chip hangs on to this, the worse it gets for him.
      You need to know when to fold’em.


    • Anonymous

      I wonder if Chip was looking for a Maryland angle.

      Occam’s Razor. Chip is a dumbass and is just used to RIcht’s teams playing 3rd stringers and walk-ons on special teams. He sees a 5-star recruit get injured on special teams and wondered if that was too risky. What he didn’t do was think about it long enough to realize that Zamir was literally the 4th or 5th string RB. Don’t be fooled though. If we had been 8-5 last year, a large portion of the fanbase would have jumped on this bandwagon.


  3. Normaltown Mike

    Chip’s question to Hollfield was lame but it’s a completely legit question to ask the HC. We spent years complaining to CMR about NOT putting starters on ST as I seem to recall (though I do suffer from occasional bouts of memory loss due to some medicine I take).


    • Gravidy

      Yes. Towers’ and Dasher’s questions to Kirby about who is playing on the punt team were perfectly fair, but the question to Holyfield was a real eye-roller.


  4. Lorenzo

    “What we have heh is a failyuh to communicate”

    My take on this has been that what Chip seemed to be possibly questioning was the fact that a guy with a knee brace for a recovering ACL injury should have been covering punts in practice. I did not interpret it to be a broader challenge to RBs covering punts in general. However, in the heat of the moment with emotions still raw from the just incurred second injury, Smart read the question differently and overreacted to a degree.

    Subsequently, Chip has also overreacted with his article and then question to Holyfield, although I’m inclined to believe that the question might have been a veiled joke.

    “Can’t we just a get along?”


    • Uglydawg

      That’s an interesting though..that the question might have been a veiled joke..It might have. But it was still dumb..what if Holyfield had said, “I think it’s wrong”, or “It’s a bad idea” or something. Then he would have a problem with CKS and Chip’s joke would have been his undoing as a welcomed man on campus.
      Chip stepped on his dick. He needs to just move on.


  5. Bulldog Joe

    Happy to see the special teams’ performance issues being addressed.

    Now if we can find a punter…



    Chip isn’t fit to cover Single A Football.


  7. Will Trane

    Poor Chip.
    Another journalist out to attack the Dawgs and UGA.
    For the past 2-3 decades that is what the metro Atlanta news media does.
    It attacks sports in this state. Not only UGA but all the universities and programs. Look at pro sports in metro Atlanta. It never has any. They always put down teams. Why do they do that?
    Chip should learn an old lesson…best to remain silent and be thought a fool rather than speaking up and removing all doubt.
    Plus Dawgnation is lazy.
    Why had they not looked at what the current coaching staff has done with regard to special teams. The record setting FG by Hot Rod is sealed in Dawg history. Huge moment and the play calling to get mo back was big. Look how they went after him and Smart. Shameful and pitiful!
    Dawg Nation has lost a lot of credibility for me.


    • Uglydawg

      “Why do they do that?” Wish I knew. why. They do it though. Maybe negativity sells better than positivism. (“Bad news travels like wildfire, good news travels slow”) Just look at how many posts GTP gets when a thread goes negative…so bad that Blutarsky had to install the Play Pen. Piss people off and they’ll respond. I guess it can be chalked up to human nature.


      • Salty Dawg

        I think the Senator installed the Play Pen because the comments went bad when they became political.


        • Erk's Forehead

          Not to go political but the Senator made it political. It appears the kickback is when the politics disagree with his. Which is his right as the GTP Overlord.


  8. Macallanlover

    Bigger issue than Towers challenging KS about the answer he gave in the Saturday presser is then allowing his butthurt to attempt going around Kirby to get Holyfield to take the other side. I imagine that ticked KS even more than reporters questioning his judgement. Coach gave a good answer the first time, gave a better one yesterday. Media has to understand it isn’t about them, even Kiffen learned that lesson, Towers should also.


  9. W Cobb Dawg

    Here’s a title for ajc clickbait: “Towers gets his comeuppance”