This guy.

If wading through one shake-your-head moment to the next at last night’s Ohio State press conference led you to think it couldn’t possibly get any more appalling, along came Zach Smith’s lawyer to say, “hold my beer”.

“Zach Smith married a woman he should not have married,” Koffel said in a text message. “Vengeance against her ex-husband regrettably resulted in collateral damage to Urban Meyer, Gene Smith & The Ohio State University. Trying cases in the media is a dangerous precedent for every other coach in America.”

No wonder this guy was saying a few days ago that he thought his client would get his old job back.  He’s got a natural gift for assholery.  A real credit to the profession.


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  1. gastr1

    Zach’s lawyer wasn’t Jimmy McGill, was it?

    Urban Meyer is scum. I didn’t previously have any reason to hate Ohio State, but I will never respect that program after this. Disgusting.

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  2. bulldogbry

    Class, today we’re going to study social examples of the term, “tone deaf”


  3. RangerRuss

    His fellow coaches should’ve been beating the fucking shit out of this asshole instead of covering for Zach Smith. The entire staff from Meyer on down are guilty of being cunts.

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  4. Codie Alan

    He’s a lawyer like all lawyers….. defend your client at all cost, to hell with morals, ethics or integrity. Sounds like Urban found him a new lawyer the next time he decides to lie about something he forgot about because his Tebow meds kicked in….


  5. lakedawg

    Codie might not know the Senator is a lawyer.


  6. Hunkering Hank

    Codie is the first guy on the line to a lawyer when shit goes down.


  7. 69Dawg

    Can’t wait to see if Timmy Tebow cry’s for Urban. Hell if you ask the Gators they have lost a lot of their love of Tebow because of Urban. Timmy was his cover and shield.


  8. Texas Dawg

    I think Huntley Johnson just handed over his crown to Brad Koffel as the new MVL (Most Valuable Lawyer) in college football.


  9. Uglydawg

    “Assholery”. Wow! What a great word! It is a noun that also carries the work of a preposition. It can be used by itself as a complete sentence “Describe in one sentence, the antics of the CF game day hosts in the lead up to kickoff”” as an answer to a question..”What’s Fishfry up to these days?” ; as an explanation, “What was up with the refs in the NC game?”, or as an improper noun for a person’s career. It may one day be offered as a college degree ( possibly as as a minor alongside Athletic Administration) There is a good sized pool of potential professors to teach it. (and calculus will be required to earn it).


  10. My spouse, a retired attorney, read this and said “they should throw this bastard into an Oprah show audience and see how long he lives”. She also shook her head and said, “this is why we get a bad name”.