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The redemption tour starts NOW.

Corch, trying to convince humanity he possesses a conscience:

Next step will be training himself to shed a tear on command.


UPDATE:  TFW someone asks you to apologize, but your heart’s not in it…

That dog’s not gonna hunt, Corch.


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Slow times in Gainesville

Go, Gata!

All the buzz first-year UF coach Dan Mullen tried to create during the offseason has fallen on deaf ears – at least at the ticket window.

With next Saturday’s season opener at home against Charleston Southern on the horizon, a school official said the Gators have sold 58,000 season tickets, including 18,500 to students.

This is down around 9,000 season tickets overall, based on figures provided last August when UF was on pace to sell 50,000 season tickets to non-students.

Man, Dan, what’s the problem?

This season, visits from Kentucky, LSU, Missouri and surging South Carolina, coached by former coach Will Muschamp, highlight the schedule. Beyond Charleston Southern, the non-conference schedule features Colorado State and Idaho, schools located two time zones away.

Fans also have to pay a little more to watch the Gators. Following McElwain’s 10-win debut season in 2015, the school raised ticket prices.

Booster season tickets went go from $300 to $330 for the Gators’ seven home games. Students pay $140, up from $105 to $140 – or a $5 increase per game.

Honestly, that’s really not very different from what we’re facing in Athens this season.  Ditto the bitching about stadium WiFi not being up to the younguns’ standards and the Swamp needing updating.  So I guess that leaves us with the usual suspect.

For now, Mullen and the Gators will look to win fans over by winning more games and scoring more points following eight years of offensive futility and two four-win seasons during the past five years.

That would probably be a good place to start, yes.


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Imagine what a little experience might do.

I wonder if there’s another coach of late who’s done that in his first two seasons.


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These people, ctd.

You know, if I were an Ohio State fan today, at the top of my wish list would be a fervent desire for anyone associated with the Smith debacle to keep their fricking mouths shut.

So much for that.  Thanks, asshole.

Oh, wait… Gene Smith’s attorney wants to weigh in?  Oh, okay… I mean, how much could it hurt?

… Despite digging deep, the investigators concluded Urban misspoke and did not lie to anyone.

So, why the sanction? Well, isn’t it obvious? The country was lathered into a frenzy based on erroneous information and a long delay and OSU needed to appease the lynch mob that had formed as soon as the unproven allegations were made.

As a result, two great men fell on the sword for a University they dearly love. And both men faced a room full of reporters and admitted they failed in their duties to better manage and react quicker to a troubled employee even though they had no idea about the information that has since come out about some of the things he may have been doing.

Those are the facts.

Two men who don’t deserve the public flogging but who agreed to take one for the team so this great University can move forward with all of its amazing athletic and academic initiatives.

I do not think great means what you think it means, brother.  I’m guessing since you deleted the post after getting some feedback over it, you don’t, either.


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Beyond 4 tickets, 4 hot dogs, 4 cokes

Quite the problem Georgia Tech’s AD faces:

Tech is encountering an aging fan base, resistance to season-ticket purchases, the ever-improving option of watching from home, the recent preponderance of the dreaded noon kickoffs and frustrations of fans with new policies restricting what can be brought into the stadium. Not to mention the difficulty of building enthusiasm for a team that didn’t make a bowl game in two of the past three seasons.

The good news is that season ticket sales are similar to 2016, a year like this when Georgia isn’t on the home schedule.  The bad news is that last year, when the Dawgs did play at BDS, marked the lowest average of ticket sales since 2012.

Hard to believe Paul Johnson isn’t more compelling.


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The bottom line lesson of Ohio State’s message

In the wake of Urban Meyer’s relative slap on the wrist from the OSU administration, I saw a lot of Internet outrage comparing his three-game suspension with the hits A.J. Green and Todd Gurley took over receiving outside compensation.

I get the anger, but I think the analogies are somewhat misplaced.  Green and Gurley ran afoul of the NCAA’s amateurism protocols.  Agree with those or not, they were in place when the incidents occurred and the punishment, while draconian, was consistent with what the NCAA does to protect its cash flow.

Corch’s situation was with his employer.  If you’re looking for an analogy that’s way more relevant, try this one on for size.

I’ll give you an even more cynical take.  Meyer’s predecessor was fired for lying.  The difference here?  Well, let’s just remember when Tressel was let go, Urban Meyer was a free agent, working for ESPN.  There’s nobody comparable waiting in the wings right now.  Draw your own conclusion from that.


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