Slow times in Gainesville

Go, Gata!

All the buzz first-year UF coach Dan Mullen tried to create during the offseason has fallen on deaf ears – at least at the ticket window.

With next Saturday’s season opener at home against Charleston Southern on the horizon, a school official said the Gators have sold 58,000 season tickets, including 18,500 to students.

This is down around 9,000 season tickets overall, based on figures provided last August when UF was on pace to sell 50,000 season tickets to non-students.

Man, Dan, what’s the problem?

This season, visits from Kentucky, LSU, Missouri and surging South Carolina, coached by former coach Will Muschamp, highlight the schedule. Beyond Charleston Southern, the non-conference schedule features Colorado State and Idaho, schools located two time zones away.

Fans also have to pay a little more to watch the Gators. Following McElwain’s 10-win debut season in 2015, the school raised ticket prices.

Booster season tickets went go from $300 to $330 for the Gators’ seven home games. Students pay $140, up from $105 to $140 – or a $5 increase per game.

Honestly, that’s really not very different from what we’re facing in Athens this season.  Ditto the bitching about stadium WiFi not being up to the younguns’ standards and the Swamp needing updating.  So I guess that leaves us with the usual suspect.

For now, Mullen and the Gators will look to win fans over by winning more games and scoring more points following eight years of offensive futility and two four-win seasons during the past five years.

That would probably be a good place to start, yes.



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20 responses to “Slow times in Gainesville

  1. Argondawg

    Maybe fake juice only works on the players or recruits and not the fans and alum? I think Dan is an upgrade to the shark molester but I just do not see how he can meet the standards the gators expect. On a side note I have been surprised at how much gator hate was directed at Meyer during the latest fiasco. Not sure we would hate someone that brought us two nattys. Even if he was a scumbag (he is). Of course I have never had the good fortune of being in that situation.


  2. As a former Florida resident for many years, it was always obvious to me that Floridians simply don’t care about CFB like the deep South does. Very casual overall even when times are good, though I will say FSU fans are more hardcore than UF fans are. As for Miami fans, well, there are no Miami fans.


  3. Pcpup

    Our season tickets, “among the least expensive in the league,” are $465 v. $330 for UF. Our product is superior, but come on!


  4. I wonder if the “Work Em Silly Gators” people renewed their tickets. I imagine the Gator ticket office is working the phones silly right now to get tickets sold.


  5. OrlandoDawg

    “Two four-win seasons in the past five years.” Excellent.


  6. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Salty Gator tears are sweet!


  7. stoopnagle

    Please suck for a long time, Gators.


  8. illinidawg

    I just hope I can make some $ of my cocktail tickets! I was assuming Dawgs would be all over them.


  9. rk

    Gosh, I hope Mike Bobo and Colorado State can beat Florida in the swamp. I hadn’t noticed that matchup was on the docket this season. I’m definitely watching that game.


  10. Mayor

    Yikes—I had forgotten that FU had two seasons out of the last 5 with only 4 wins…plus one 6 win season the year Boom got fired.