These people, ctd.

You know, if I were an Ohio State fan today, at the top of my wish list would be a fervent desire for anyone associated with the Smith debacle to keep their fricking mouths shut.

So much for that.  Thanks, asshole.

Oh, wait… Gene Smith’s attorney wants to weigh in?  Oh, okay… I mean, how much could it hurt?

… Despite digging deep, the investigators concluded Urban misspoke and did not lie to anyone.

So, why the sanction? Well, isn’t it obvious? The country was lathered into a frenzy based on erroneous information and a long delay and OSU needed to appease the lynch mob that had formed as soon as the unproven allegations were made.

As a result, two great men fell on the sword for a University they dearly love. And both men faced a room full of reporters and admitted they failed in their duties to better manage and react quicker to a troubled employee even though they had no idea about the information that has since come out about some of the things he may have been doing.

Those are the facts.

Two men who don’t deserve the public flogging but who agreed to take one for the team so this great University can move forward with all of its amazing athletic and academic initiatives.

I do not think great means what you think it means, brother.  I’m guessing since you deleted the post after getting some feedback over it, you don’t, either.


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  1. Jared S.

    I shouldn’t be enjoying this debacle as much as I am…

    And I can’t wait for McMurphy to drop some more shoes, cuz you know he is going to!!!!


  2. Man, that is a dumb lawyer. What did he think the upside was by posting on social media?
    Is Zach going to flip on Urban?


  3. Argondawg

    This asshole thinks he is also a victim. There must not be a single decent PR person in Ohio. These asshats are constantly stepping on their dicks. I hope the silent 90% of Buckeye fans are disgusted. It would be nice to see some polling because their twitter postings are nauseating.


    • Mike Cooley

      “The must not be a single decent person at Ohio State.”. FIFY.


    • Macallanlover

      Actually, 90% of their fan base seems to be playing the victim card here. They may be worse than State Penn fans when they rallied around that pitiful situation. I know the situations may not be the same as Baylor and State Penn, but the “protect the program” mentality is exactly the same, maybe worse.


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    He used ‘amazing’. A lawyer who can’t think of a better adjective than the most overused, worn out, meaningless, Valley Girl word in the English language. Gene Smith should not be paying more than $75 per hour.


  5. The Truth

    That guy is an attorney?!? Think what you will about lawyers, but getting through law school and the Bar exam requires some degree of intelligence—or so I thought. That guy is a 100% dumbass.


  6. Jack Burton

    That lead me to one of Urban’s daughters twitter account. Wow. How sad to be so misguided.


  7. ASEF

    Corch was a major inspiration (though not alone) for Always Someone Else’s Fault (ASEF)

    I think I might have to re-moniker in his and Gene’s honor:

    Damn Near Jesus


  8. Tronan

    I think Gene Smith’s arrorney was partaking in Zach Smith’s, uh, medications before he posted.


  9. gastr1

    What are the “unproven allegations,” exactly? Seems as though the “lynch mob” had pretty legitimate allegations to get upset about.


    • They’re still waiting “on all of the evidence that’s going to come out” that will fully exonerate Zach Smith, Urban, Gene Smith, etc. I can’t wait! Perhaps another think-piece by the only true journalist out there, Jeff Snook.

      In other news, the Booth family is still waiting on the rest of the evidence to come out before joining the rush to judgment on John Wilkes and his involvement in the Lincoln situation.


      • Ricky McDurden

        Apparently until something has been sworn into a court as evidence, it’s not actually real.

        I can’t tell if our public education system is woefully failing people or doing an incredible job given the mental gymnastics some are capable of pulling off.


  10. Merk

    He is right, they did not lie to anyone. They just ignored every single mistake the coach made until one became public enough that they could not ignore it. I guess they went with the old philosophy of just ignore it until it goes away.


    • Go Dawgs!

      … they also lied to people.


    • Codie Alan

      I don’t know what you’ve been watching, but Urban lied through his damn teeth at their media day. Not once, but several times and continued to lie and that asshole thinks he’s the victim.


      • gastr1

        A lot of people have their victimhood firmly entrenched within their entitlement in this thing that will forever remain in the mind of anyone thinking of Urban Meyer. It’s going to be a big deal.


  11. Logan Gray Fair Catch

    Yeah, thanks counselor, but I’m more persuaded by Meyer deleting thousands of text messages as soon as he figured out someone was on the scent.

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    • AthensRules

      Urban sure does misspeak and forget a lot of stuff for somebody that is suppose to be a “no stone left unturned” kind of coach. No matter what those goobers in Ohio think the proof is there for any reasonable person to see. Urban lacks character. He left a huge rancid mess at UF and it looks like he is creating another at OSU.


      • Pretty Boy Empty Suit Herbstreit was raking Corch over the coals this morning on XM for that press conference. I guess he’ll officially be in seat 37F.


      • HirsuteDawg

        Thats a bonus for non Ohio State fans. The long term mess will be worth the short term pain we have to put up with his assedness.


      • Got Cowdog

        For reals.
        From across the practice field: “Hey Urban! Brett McMurphy found out Zach’s a deviant wife beating alcoholic. Courtney spilled the beans. Anybody contacted you about it?”
        Urban, with back to field, hunched over phone busily mashing buttons.”Nu- uh. Nope, haven’t heard a thing. Let me check my phone. Hey! That’s weird, did you know this thing only keeps messages for a year?”


  12. Go Dawgs!

    It’s really too bad that Ohio State has such good football players because it makes it much less likely that they’ll end up taking the football beatings that they so clearly and richly deserve.


  13. Sam Johnson

    I’m going to take the Ohio bar exam and move once I pass. The competition for competent legal representation there is obviously low. My shingle will say “Sports lawyer – Specializing in discretion”

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  14. paul

    If you visit the Ohio State boards they are up in arms about how Corch has been railroaded and they see the three game suspension as ridiculous. Sure he cut a guy too much slack they say but the repercussions are disproportionate. The vast majority agree with the lawyers statement 100% and are glad someone had the guts to set the record straight. It makes me hope we can meet them in the playoffs and grind them into submission.


  15. stoopnagle

    It’s spreading. Make it stop.


  16. DawgPhan

    man Zach Smith likely has every intention of burning OSU and fingers crossed Florida to the ground. Even if he makes up half of it I am sure the NCAA will be all ears.

    Hard to think he will be coaching in the major college ranks anymore.


  17. NCDawg

    I know OSU has been beat to death, but….

    If Coach Meyer truly does have early onset or some other neurological issue associated with his memory loss uncovered in this investigation, and the University does not require him to undergo neurological evaluation before returning to the team, is the University liable for not taking reasonably prudent actions related to an employee’s health?


  18. Gurkha Dawg

    Damn, what if Meyer had actually done the right thing. They would be calling the Pope to recommend sainthood.


  19. Will Trane

    The HC’s at Maryland and Ohio State remain in place.
    We told you so.
    Rex Elliot stated it very well!
    You are entitled to your opinion but should be very careful in rushing to a judgement when folks do not have the facts, understand the protocols, and the areas of responsibilities. Not good to lapse into what we now refer to as “chip tower moments”.
    Let’s keep in mind Smith’s spouse. Can not use “wife”, that would be inflammatory and politically incorrect in today’s world of lack of thinking and understanding. Where did she fail?
    Recommendation. Let’s have all universities devote funds to placing crosses around their courts, baseball diamonds, football fields, and etc so when the abusive news media goes another binge the coaches and etc can be nailed up.


  20. ChiliDawg

    To the people commenting here yesterday that “this is now over…”



  21. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    I always thought “misspoke” was the same thing as “lied”, just a less brutal term. Please tell me where I went wrong.


    • Come on Chuck
      Let me get this straight….so every time you speak …you both heard the question properly , interpreted both the actual and implied meaning of the question perfectly and than gave a totally complete and accurate response without misspeaking……never been wrong once in your answer… really….. I didn’t know Jesus posted on GTP. If you say enough at some point you will misspeak……I never thought Obama thought there were 57 States even though he said it. I assumed he misspoke but in your world…. I don’t know was he stupid or lying?


  22. A true case of the truth is not the truth.