“I find it virtually impossible to believe that Damon Evans was not aware…”

If any of the key figures in Maryland’s sports administration survive the twin debacles of McNair’s death and the hiring of counsel with school funds to defend two players accused of sexual misconduct, even I, as cynical as I am, will be surprised.

Boy, that Urban Meyer coaching tree is really something these days.


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7 responses to ““I find it virtually impossible to believe that Damon Evans was not aware…”

  1. Bright Idea

    The only way Evans was not going to be thrown under the bus in this case was to never show up at Maryland. He’s in the chair now and the slings and arrows will keep coming until he and the prez are gone. His level of culpability won’t matter one way or the other.


    • Russ

      I agree that he came into a bad situation, but he did have a chance to crawl out from under the bus before it really started rolling. Instead, he stayed put and (I assume) will soon be looking for a new job.


  2. Mayor

    The UGA former AD tree ain’t doing so well either.


  3. steve

    Damon Evans: another SOD


  4. Tronan

    Maryland’s athletic department has made a series of poor decisions over the years. They left the ACC for the Big Integer – a really unpopular move – because they needed the money to erase operating losses that had come from really inept AD management. In addition, their last two football coaching hires have been disastrous and the men’s basketball program – what the locals really care about – has finished ranked only four times in the last 14 years. Irresponsibility, scandal, and ineptitude make for a really unenviable trifecta.