On a mission

Or, to put it another way, saying the quiet part out loud.

“Head coaches are the CEOs of their programs. Our business is about players and wins. As much as administrators will say it’s about impacting the lives of student-athletes, they don’t match that message with their actions. Whenever a dad gets hired because of their kid or kids, all of a sudden it seems like ‘morals’ are at the top of our list. That’s a joke.”  [Emphasis added.]

Bet this guy would be fun in an antitrust suit deposition.



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9 responses to “On a mission

  1. Truckin

    I’m okay with it. My best little league teams and football teams were from freezing my son and another. Better have the best ones. So what if you pay a dad who probably coached the kid since birth as long as he actually works?


  2. Doggoned

    Some things are just wrong, even if they’re not illegal. Damned if it isn’t hard to stomach more and more of the amorality that crops up daily in the world of big time college sports. Somehow, I’m managing to keep the faith — for now.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    The question seems to be: may we judge a coach because he uses this objectionable but legal tactic? Considering everything that goes on recruiting, I’d say just about anything that’s fair game is fair. YMMV


  4. Mayor

    This has been done forever. Even the schools themselves do it. Remember how LSU hires Press Marovich as HC just to get his son Pete Marovich to go there? BTW I personally think Pete Marovich was the greatest college player of all time. If the 3 point shot had existed when he was playing there is no telling how many points per game he would have averaged. 50? More?


  5. rpcpisme

    Isnt Muschamp doing this now…is the QB related to the an offensive staff member? I remember UT doing this with Alan Houston’s dad as the HC.


  6. AusDawg85

    Auburn is left scratching their heads and wondering “Why bother hiring them? Just pay ’em.”


  7. Cousin Eddie

    Of all the questionable stuff coaches do hiring a dad seems way down on the list.


    • Doggoned

      True, it’s nothing like letting a player die or ignoring abuse by one of your staff members. How does it stack up next to gray-shirting, in your opinion.


      • Cousin Eddie

        Depends. If the kid knew about having to greyshirt and stilled signed that is cool but it he was forced or asked to after signing that is crappy